Spinner Luggage from BeltOutlet.com

Spinner Luggage from BeltOutlet.com

Easier Travel with Spinner Luggage

When we got the word about the Disney Grand Adventure trip, I knew immediately I was going to need luggage. We always travel by truck, so our luggage was all duffle bags that would fit in the truck tool box. That was the easiest way to keep things from getting wet if it rained. Also, since the toolbox locks, we don’t have to worry about anything being stolen. Travel on a plane would be different. A couple of our duffle type bags would still be fine. I knew though, that because of my back, I would not be able to lug a bag for any amount of distance. BeltOutlet.com came through for me, when they sent me a wonderful 20 inch Onda Fusion Hardside Spinner Luggage to review .

This Spinner Luggage from BeltOutlet.com is ready and waiting!

This Spinner was the perfect size to carry all my clothing for the whole, four-day weekend. One side has great elastic clips to hold the clothing on the right side in place when you are ready to close the luggage up. There is a zippered panel on the left side, to hold even more clothing and travel items safely and securely. I really love that in that zipper panel there are two little mesh zippered compartments. Those two compartments were perfect for things I didn’t want to lose in my clothing, like my toothbrush, and various other toiletries. Safely tucked away in a plastic baggy, these things fit nicely in those zippered compartments!

This Onda 20 inch Spinner Hardside Luggage from BeltOutlet.com is the perfect size for a weekend getaway!

When we got ready to come home, I found out that another feature about the Onda Fusion Hardside Spinner was very handy. There is a zipper, that runs all around this luggage. It unzips to give you just a tiny bit more room inside. With all the wonderful souvenirs we had all accumulated, I needed that little bit of extra room so much! It was just the perfectly right amount of room.

This zipper makes my Spinner Hardside Luggage from BeltOutlet.com expandable!

I also love how sturdy the Onda Fusion Hardside Spinner is. It got a little scuffed, but it kept all my personal belongings safe and in tact. I would have been very disappointed to get home and find my Tinkerbell Coffee Cup was broken! I didn’t have to worry, because it was in perfect condition, and I drank coffee in it on our first day home.

The Spinner Luggage kept my Tinkerbell mug safe!

So, as you can see, the BeltOutlet.com has so much more than belts! They have all kinds of different accessories for travel. From accessories for men, women and children to lots of different types of luggage, if you are traveling, you will want to check them out. I’ve already picked out a couple of hats and a Bible cover that I’m planning on purchasing soon.

How often do you travel? Do you travel by plane, bus or personal vehicle?



  1. That looks perfect for a weekend getaway! It actually looks like the one my hubby has. He loves it. I definitely need a hard shell one for our mission trips!

    • Mimi, it is perfect for a weekend getaway – plus I had room left over! I’ll be using this one when we go on the mission trip this summer too! Makes me feel good to know someone else loves it as much as I do!

  2. Dotty J Boucher says:

    Very nice looking luggage, I love all the room it has inside and super that it has handles
    to help tote it around.

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