Nutrisystem – Week 1: What Diet?

Nutrisystem – Week 1: What Diet?

Week 1 – No Hunger and Plenty of Flavor

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The first week is over and I am so happy I chose Nutrisystem! Honestly, Nutrisystem is the first “diet program” I’ve ever really been on. I’ve tried to lose weight in the past – smaller portions, more exercise, etc, etc,. I always ended up feeling cheated and being so hungry that I put on more weight than before I started. That’s how I ended up where I am now. Or maybe I should say, where I was last week! Here are my pictures from Week 1, even though they don’t look any different from last week…

Beginning pictures, and week 1 pictures after starting Nutrisystem!

I don’t see much of a difference yet – but I do feel a difference!

When I started the Turbo Takeoff, I was not convinced that this whole thing was going to work. Nothing had before, so I wasn’t expecting miracles. Ok, yes, I was a little hungry for the first 3 days. I told my husband I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stick with it. By the 4th day, I knew I would be ok. When you can eat as many “non starchy” veggies as you want, it’s easy to stay full and not be hungry. What are ‘non starchy’ veggies? That’s veggies like tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, sugar peas – you get the idea right? I can eat them whenever I want, and I can eat as many as I want, as long as I don’t add anything to them. I’ve been eating them raw, straight out of the fridge. The crunch satisfies so much!

Nutrisystem Margherita Pizza and a salad are the perfect lunch during Week 1!

I am so very happy with this system. Why? I’ve never in my life lost so much weight in the first week of a diet. With the Turbo Takeoff, you get a Breakfast, a shake, a lunch, a shake, and a dinner. That’s it! Easy Peasy! Oh, yeah, and if you get hungry, you just grab the bowl of veggies you have ready in the fridge! The great thing is, Nutrisystem is not really a diet. It’s a food program. So how much have I lost on this program? Nine Pounds! I’ve lost 9 lbs in Week 1! Yes! I’m down to 208!

My weight after being on Nutrisystem Turbo 10 - Week 1! From 217 to 208!

Please forgive my dirty feet! I’d just come back from my morning walk!

This week I can eat more than I could last week, and the shakes are gone. I get snacks to fill the spots the shakes were – if I want them. I’ve been so full on that these first couple of days that I don’t even eat all three snacks that I’m allowed every day. OH! Also, this week I can have ‘Flex Meals’. Flex Meals will help me learn how I need to eat once I’m off the program. There are guidelines for them, plus there’s an ‘Eating Out Guide’ to help me find restaurants and foods. I’m pretty sure I’ll be using them on weekends, since we usually eat at least one meal out as a family. I’m so happy to be eating healthy, and really learning how to lose the weight – so I don’t put it all back on! It’s not a “diet”. It’s a food program. It’s a learning experience. It’s becoming a way of life.8

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  1. rochelle haynes says:

    I need to diet but it is hard

    • Yes, it is hard, but it was really fairly easy with Nutrisystem. They let you have all the ‘clean’ veggies you want (carrots, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc) throughout the day. That’s what I snacked on when I was hungry.

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