Start Party Fun with a Chocolate Fountain

Start Party Fun with a Chocolate Fountain

Parties Are More Fun With The Ovente Chocolate Fountain

How much fun can a party be? Well, if you add a Chocolate Fountain from Ovente, you’ll add a lot of fun. Just look at this picture I caught of my grandson ~

Ethan loves the Ovente Chocolate Fountain

I stopped him before he did it, but I had to get the picture first!

I knew he was just playing around for the attention, so I had to snap the picture while I had the chance! He does love the Ovente Chocolate Fountain though! Everyone took their turn dipping fruit into the chocolate. All of the kids asked me to bring it to their birthday parties. The chocolate fountain was a hit and the life of the party.

Kaiden eating his fruits after visiting the Chocolate Fountain

The Ovente Chocolate Fountain is so easy to use, and easy to clean. There is a pamphlet in the box with recipes for both chocolate and cheese. The chocolate recipe calls for oil to thin the chocolate, and the cheese one thins it out with milk. Just follow the recipes and pour them into the fountain, and let the fun begin!

Ethan spent more time with the Chocolate Fountain than anyone!

After the fun, cleaning isn’t a big deal. I use a spatula to get as much off the discs and spindle as possible. Put whatever leftover chocolate or cheese up for another day, and carefully wipe the bowl out with a soapy sponge. You can NOT immerse that part in water, but a soapy sponge will clean it up very easily!

Just 3 simple parts to the Chocolate Fountain

Please don’t think the Ovente Chocolate Fountain is only for parties. We use it for nacho cheese dip on nights that I serve Mexican food, and also on Movie Nights. When I make enchiladas, burritos or tacos, I’ll fill the fountain with my Nacho Cheese Dip. This has become one of my boys’ favorites. Now it seems like they ask me to make Mexican food more and more often!

Which would you rather try, Chocolate or Cheese Dip? And why?