5 Must-Visit Offbeat Places In London

5 Must-Visit Offbeat Places In London

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The stunning city of London has a lot of things to offer to people of all ages. Some of the world’s greatest attractions, activities, and sights can be found in this diverse capital city of England. If you spend your vacation here with your loved ones, then it will definitely be memorable and one-of-a-kind.

Apparently, not only the popular tourist attractions in London delight each visitor. You can find a lot of offbeat places, which you can only see here and will surely surprise you as well. There are plenty of cheap car hire in London, which will bring you conveniently to these offbeat destinations or wherever you want to go.

Discover some of the quirky spots around the city and add these following places to your itinerary:

The Roof Gardens

Off Beat Places in London: Roof Gardens of Kensington

For those nature lovers out there, you might want to visit The Roof Gardens in Kensington High Street when you get to London. It is a man-made oasis that consists of three themed gardens and various trees, including oaks, lavender, fruit trees, evergreen shrubs, and many more. Additionally, it is open to all guests and free of charge.

Greenwich Market

Offbeat Places in London: Greenwich Market

London has so much open markets to offer aside from the popular Notting Hill Market and Portobello Road Market. The Greenwich Market is one of the must-visit offbeat markets in the city. It is within a UNESCO Heritage site and has a pleasing area far from the busy Central London. Thus, if you are a food lover, then you will absolutely love the different food offered here.

York Watergate

A part of the York House mansion, the York Watergate has served as an easy access going to Thames. It was actually situated at the bottom of the mansion’s garden. The watergate is all that has remained today and it can be found inside the Embankment Garden.

Street Art and South Bank

Offbeat Places in London: Street Art

If you are an art junkie, then you will surely enjoy the free Street Art Tour by Alternative London. You will be thrilled to see various street art masterpieces, graffiti, stencils, stamps, and the like. You can also visit the offbeat South Bank where you will see a lot of skateboarders and colorful graffiti. You should also capture great photos of its skateboarding scene as well.

There are still tons of places to explore in London. If you are tired of seeing the mainstream attractions of the city, then you might want to visit these low-key places mentioned above. Always remember to try to discover something new when you are in a different country or city, so you will be able to learn more and have an unforgettable experience too.