Get Moving! It Will Help Your Heart!

Get Moving! It Will Help Your Heart!

Learning To ‘Get Moving’ In A Busy Sedentary World

*As a Nutrisystem Blogger I am receiving the program (including food) at no cost, so that I can give my honest opinion. #NSNation

First, I know it’s been a while since I posted. We’ve had some out-of-the-ordinary things happening around the farm (stolen cow/flooding), and I hit a ‘plateau’ that made me not want to tell you that I wasn’t losing anymore. Oh, things were changing; my clothes were fitting differently, but I wasn’t losing actual pounds. With any weight-loss plan, you will find a time that you hit a plateau, and stop losing weight like you had been. Some of this comes because our bodies adjust to the new regimens we have set for ourselves, and we have to find a way to change things up to start the loss again. For me, the best way was to get moving – or rather, to get moving a little more than before.

I get moving by walking the dirt road next to our property.

Lets face it, we live in a pretty sendentary world. Desk jobs, and a favorite recliner when you get home, can keep us from moving as much as we really should. However, if you are typically sedentary, like I was, moving could be all you need to jump start a loss in weight. I believe that it is what helped me off to such a great start with Nutrisystem. All they asked me to do, in the way of exercise, was to walk for 10 minutes, 3 times a day. It was such an easy request to fulfill, and it made a huge difference!  The NYTimes posted that “Sedentary people have a 35% greater risk of developing high blood pressure than people who are physically active do.”

When I hit the plateau, I bumped my walk time. Actually, I bumped my walk distance, which lengthened my walk time. I just had to get moving to push my metabolism back into weight-loss mode. If you get breaks of any kind at work, you can use that time to get up and walk. Whether it’s up and down hallways of your office building, or around the building itself, you should try to find a way to move a little at different times each day. It will help you keep your weight down, and your heart healthy.

If you get moving you can lose weight too!

Now that I’m losing weight, I’m healthier, and I can do more. I can play with my grandchildren on the playground longer, and go hiking with my husband and boys again. This will be the first summer in a long time that I can really go do things outdoor things, and I am really looking forward to it. All I had to do was get moving! Now it’s your turn. Start off small, walking around the block, and work your way up. That’s what I’m doing. If I can do it, so can you!

Is there something you would like to do, but your weight is keeping you from doing?Tell me about it!

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