Fun and Educational Play with Osmo!

Fun and Educational Play with Osmo!

Best Buy Has The Best In Fun and Educational Play

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We have found the most amazing technological toy! Osmo from TANGiBLE PLAY is a really fun and educational piece of technology. My grandkids have so much fun playing with Osmo, my daughter tells me she makes them earn time on it by doing chores!

Osmo is Fun and Educational!

Osmo changes your iPad to make it a hands on, fun and educational toy for your children. It turns learning into a creative, fun game your children will love to play. Osmo is designed for ages 6 and up. My 11 yr old granddaughter and I really enjoyed playing it, so I know the ‘and up’ means ‘way up’! The games are specifically designed to foster creativity, problem solving and social intelligence skills. It doesn’t take long to set Osmo up on your iPad and download all the games to play.

The Fun and Educational Games

I think Tangram was the most favorite game. It involves moving different puzzle pieces into shapes that match the ones shown on the screen. When you solve the puzzle, the picture lights up and plays happy music, challenging your child (or you!) to more advanced levels every time you solve one.

Playing Tangram on Osmo - Fun and Educational!

Words begs you to be the first to guess the words by tossing down the letters that you think are in the word that corresponds to the picture show. These can be very tricky – so watch out!

Osmo Words is Fun and Educational

Numbers has counting, addition, connect and multiplication modes to help teach your child to love math! As their confidence grows, they can move up to the next stage, so they learn at their own pace.

Newton lets you use your imagination to turn every day objects to guide ball that are falling on the screen into targeted zones, and Masterpiece helps you fine tune your drawing skills.

It’s not often that this Nana chooses a toy every single grandchild can play. When I find one that is fun and educational, I’m pretty sure I’ve hit the jackpot. Osmo is that ‘jackpot’ technology. Every single grandchild loves to play this game. Osmo is available at Best Buy for $99.99 (US MSRP), and with all the use this game has already gotten, it is well worth it. Shoot! I’ve paid that much for toys at Christmas that they didn’t play with for more than a few hours! Osmo will get way more use than that!

Which fun and educational game would you want to try first, and why? 


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