Make Fun Sandwiches with FunBites!

Make Fun Sandwiches with FunBites!

Spring At Home Giveaway!

FunBites Make Fun Sandwiches

FunBites Make Fun Sandwiches!

FunBites make Food Fun!

What do you feed grandchildren? Well, when you have twelve, like I do, if they are all over at the house, you feed them the easiest thing you can feed them! I try to keep things fun when I have a large group of them over, so I make Fun Sandwiches. Ok, but how do you make ‘Fun Sandwiches’? That’s easy! You use FunBites!

Fun Sandwiches start with FunBites!

FunBites are crazy sandwich cutters that make fun sandwiches. I have the green one that cuts sandwiches into square bite size pieces. I like to use different jellies, and/or different sandwich meats. Then I cut them into pieces with my FunBites cutter, and mix the different pieces up on a serving platter so everyone gets each of the different jellies or meats. That makes every sandwich a fun sandwich! Be careful to spread your jelly thin or it will come through your bread when you are cutting.

This is a Fun Sandwich by FunBites!

I hear ya, Moms! You are wanting to know what happens if the pieces get stuck in the FunBites cutter. There is a separate piece that fits into the cutter piece that pushes the pieces out. There are different shape cutters available (triangles, hearts, and minion!). I plan to pick up the triangle one for one particular grandson that always likes his sandwiches cut into triangles. Each of the cutters will cut pretty much any kind of sandwich you make. FunBites help to get even the pickiest eater because everyone likes a fun sandwich! FunBites even cut the crust off – for those that don’t eat the crust.

FunBites cuts the crust for even better fun sandwiches!

FunBites made this tiny FUN Sandwich!

We’ll be giving away a FunBites cutter (winner’s choice!) in the Spring At Home Giveaway event. Make sure you follow FunBites on their social media so you’ll be ready to claim those entries!

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What kind of Fun Sandwich would you make if you won the FunBites in the Spring At Home Giveaway?



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