Scents Make Your Home Inviting

Scents Make Your Home Inviting

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Organic Aromas Essential Oils & Diffusers for great home scents!

Scents Throughout the Home

*I received the Raindrop Diffuser from Organic Aromas to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own!

There are so many different smells that can invade our homes. Some of those scents are wonderful (new baby, fresh baked goods like bread, pies or cookies) while others are not so welcome (dirty diapers, garbage, fish or cabbage cooking). These last listed smells are the reason I love using different wax melts and diffusers in my home. I love creating different spaces by using a different scent in each room. It amazes me at how great the two combined usually smell in the ‘in between’ spaces! I like to play it very safe where the scents come in and I usually stick with citrus or floral/herbal scents. No matter what though, I want the diffusers to look great. That is why I chose the Raindrop Diffuser from Organic Aromas.

The Raindrop Diffuser from Organic Aromas will fill your home with beautiful scents

The Raindrop Diffuser from Organic Aromas is so beautiful, it’s like a piece of art in my living room. I love that it is so elegant. The base is wood and the top is made of individually hand blown glass. It disperses scent without using water, or heat, and it makes my home (up to 800 square feet) smell amazing!

As I said before, I like to diffuse citrus in my home. Citrus makes me happy, and helps keep my days light and sunny. This diffuser also has rainbow-carousel LED mood lighting, and a whisper quiet motor. I barely hear this diffuser running in my living room. At night when I turn it on with all the house lights off, it looks so beautiful, changing color in the dark. You can set it to run for 2 minutes on and 1 minute off, for 2 hours, and then it shuts itself off. That way it won’t burn itself up.

The Raindrop Diffuser from Organic Aromas makes beautiful colors as well as scents

The scent this diffuser gives out (no matter what scent you use) is so true and rich it is amazing. That coupled with the fact that it is so absolutely beautiful makes this my very favorite diffuser out of the four that I own. You can purchase your own Raindrop Diffuser, or you can win one from us, in the JEEPERS! It’s Christmas In July Giveaway Hop, that begins 7/6/2016 and ends 7/27/2016! Just visit Organic Aromas Facebook page and follow them on their social medias. Each will be entries in the giveaway so following now will save you time later!

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What is your favorite scent in your home?


  1. Judy Cox says:

    My favorite scent is the Vanilla candles that I burn!!

  2. I love sweet scents like vanilla and coffee 🙂

  3. paige chandler says:

    I like lemon scent

    • Me too. I think because it smells clean (I use fresh lemon to clean) but it may also be because in jr high and high school my fave perfume was Love’s Fresh Lemon. LOL!

  4. Fiona N says:

    I would love to try the Rose Geranium Essential Oil 100% pure, and the Laser Etched Essential Oil Diffuser for Mother’s Day
    Thank You for the chance

  5. Fiona N says:

    My favorite scent is Orange Blossom
    Thank You

  6. Holly C. says:

    I love the smell of wild orange!

  7. Amanda Alvarado says:

    My favorite scent in my home is anything with a cinnamon base!

  8. Amanda Alvarado says:

    There is no comment section on the giveaway page for this giveaway so I’m leaving my answer here instead of there! I love the Hand-carved Dragon diffuser and would love to try their cinnamon EO!

  9. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I love lavender and vanilla scents the most. Nice review!

  10. sheila ressel says:

    My favorite scent in my home is plumeria.

  11. Jenna H says:

    My favorite scent for my home is lavender. When I come home I like to have a relaxed atmosphere.

  12. hannah says:

    My favorite scent is lemongrass, so nice and fresh and invigorating.

  13. Melissa Storms says:

    I love lemongrass to scent my home and use it in all of my homemade cleaning products.

  14. My favorites would be peppermint, coffee, and vanilla!

  15. Alona Y says:

    I love tropical and sweet smelling scents for the house.

  16. Hannah C says:

    I love the smell of peppermint oil in my home.

  17. Nicole Lancaster says:

    My favorite scent in my home is Coconut (Tropical) Scent.

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