Be Secure with A-Zone Home Security

Be Secure with A-Zone Home Security

Don’t Just Feel Secure – Be Secure

*I received this A-Zone Security Camera System at a discount, to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own, and the opinions of my family. 

There are a lot of wonderful things about living in the country. Unfortunately security takes a little more work than it does in a normal neighborhood. Your neighbors are not close enough to hear or see someone breaking in, unless they are stopping by to check on your home. Even then, they won’t be there for the whole day, and if a crook is watching your home, it doesn’t take much to figure out when your home is a good target. Now, when we are away, I don’t have to worry about feeling secure any more. Now, we can be secure – with our new A-Zone Security Camera System.

The A-Zone Home Security Camera System can help your home be secure.

We always take all of the necessary precautions, like making sure the house is locked up tight, having a neighbor check on the animals and the house daily, notifying the post office to stop the mail during the time we are away, and stopping the newspaper when we go out of town. So far that has always been enough, but that doesn’t take away the nagging feeling that something could still happen while we’re away. It also didn’t help on those nights when my husband had to work out of town  and I was left at home with the boys. Now, with our A-Zone Home Security Camera System, I can see all around our home, and know exactly what’s going on outside.

Being able to see every corner of our yard, helps me feel more secure.

Easy Set Up, Quick Security

The A-Zone Home Security System comes with four cameras, a DVR, all the wires, and an instruction booklet. Everything you need for easy set up is included, and yes, it is ‘easy’. My husband had it all set up in about 2 hours. It felt so good to see that first camera come up on the monitor! You wouldn’t understand unless you’ve been scared to death in the middle of the night by an unidentifiable noise. (It was the wind blowing a loose piece of tin on the front deck, but who knew?! It could have been a stalker freak trying to scare us before breaking in to slice our throats!! Ok, maybe I do watch too many horror movies, but still, you never know!)

The monitor lets me see how secure my property really is.

When we go on vacation, we can see everything on every camera, right over our phones and tablets. When you hook the DVR up to your internet modem, it makes it possible to check your home right from your phone, tablet or laptop. The cameras even have night vision so I can see if someone is lurking behind the house, in the driveway or out by the pipe corral! I never have to worry about my home again, whether I’m there or not. The ability to help my family be secure is one of the most wonderful things in the world!

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What helps you feel secure about your home?

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