Coloring with Caitlin Keegan

Coloring with Caitlin Keegan

Coloring Makes Me Happy

*I received the Country Life Coloring Book and Color-Your-Own Greeting Cards from Storey Publishing to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. I could make a little money if you choose to purchase from them.

I love to color. Sitting down at my desk or the kitchen table with a coloring book, and some map pencils or gel pens just makes me incredibly happy. I think it’s because usually when I sit at my desk or the kitchen table, it’s in front of my computer to work. When I open a coloring book instead, it’s just wonderful. So, when I received Caitlin Keegans’  Country Life Coloring Book (ISBN 978-1-61212-885-6) and Color-Your-Own Greeting Cards (ISBN 978-1-61212-884-9), I was thrilled!

Country Life Coloring Book & Color-Your-Own Greeting Cards by Caitlin Keegan

These are both really amazing in their own right, so let’s look at them separately ok?

Country Life Coloring Book

This book is full of beautiful pictures of life on the farm. There are 45 pictures and they are each on their own page. Of course, I love the subject matter too! Chicks, roosters, farm animals, fruits, veggies and watering cans full of roses are just a few of the wonderful things you’ll find.

Country Life is a fitting title for this coloring book!

The pages are easily removed from the book, so you can frame or hang them for display after you color them.  The pages are thick paper, and the back of the book is a fairly thick slab of cardboard as well. This way, even if you don’t have a table readily available, you can still color!

The Country Life Coloring Book has a thick slab of cardboard for a coloring surface.

Color-Your-Own Greeting Cards & Envelopes

Oh how I adore these! I love being able to give a handmade card. Whether I give them with the crochet projects that I give away, or just to say thank you for something someone has done for me, I love to give handwritten cards. Now, I can go one step farther and give one that I’ve colored myself! Again, the subject matter of these cards is so fitting.

I love coloring these Color-Your-Own Greeting Cards!

There are cards for birthdays, for new babies, to say thank you, hi, or just because. They each have a picture to color on the front and on the back.

I'll be coloring these beautiful cards by Caitlin Keegan to give away!

The envelopes are not unadorned either! Each has a wonderful decoration to color, around where the address belongs. It just adds that special touch!

The envelopes for the Greeting Cards also require coloring.

Get Yours Now!

These are both available on Amazon, as well as at your favorite bookstores. You can use whatever medium you want to color them in. I may even grab my watercolor pencils and try my hand at watercolor on at least one of the pictures in the Country Life Coloring Book. I might even attempt it on one or more of the Color-Your-Own Greeting Cards as well. No matter how you color them, I’m sure that you will love them!

Caitlin Keegan, the illustrator of Country Life Coloring Book and Color-Your-Own Greeting Cards. She’s worked at Sesame Workshop and Nickelodeon Magazine. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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