Adventures Of Celia Kaye Giveaway

Adventures Of Celia Kaye Giveaway

Celiac Disease and Gluten Free

The Adventures of Celia Kaye

The Adventures of Celia Kaye by Kaitlin Puccio with illustrations by Sarah Larnach is a book about a girl’s first day back at school after being diagnosed with Celiac disease. This book helps parents explain to their children what Celiac Disease is, and how it will change their lives. It also gives these children someone to identify with. It will help them know what to say to their friends about their disease. It helps them know what to say if their friends ask why they can’t eat the same foods any more.

The illustrations are beautiful as they show Celia Kaye’s adventures. Sarah Larnach is a wonderful illustrator. She has even been nominated for a Grammy for her illustrations. Sarah Larnach is from New Zealand and Australia.

You can read Trista’s review of the book HERE if you would like. Then when you are finished, enter to win the book for your children, or for someone you know!


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