Birthstone Earrings For My Granddaughter

Birthstone Earrings For My Granddaughter

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Birthstone Earrings – The Perfect Gift for My Granddaughter

I got my granddaughter birthstone earrings from KidsGold

My granddaughter’s birthday is in November, which makes her birthstone Citrine. Citrine is my favorite stone. It’s a bright yellow-gold color. Citrine is the color of sunshine, and it fits my granddaughter perfectly. She is a very happy child, and I know she is going to love these 14K gold post Citrine birthstone earrings that I got her from KidsGold 14K for Kids.

These 14K gold post birthstone earrings are the perfect gift for my granddaughter.

Right now all of the 14K gold post birthstone earrings are on sale for 30% off. That’s an amazing discount for these gorgeous earrings. My daughter has an allergy to metals, and she can’t wear anything but 14K gold. We’ve never tried anything else for my granddaughter. She’s only been allowed to wear 14K gold post earrings. That’s why I knew these would make the perfect Christmas gift for her.

I got these Citrine Birthstone Earrings from KidsGold for my granddaughter at 30% off!

She has been wanting birthstone earrings for a long time. When she sees these, I know it will make her whole day. Who wouldn’t love these beautiful .50 ct. Citrine stones set in 14K yellow gold posts? My daughter would even love to get a pair of these! If the child you are shopping for doesn’t have pierced ears, don’t let that stop you from shopping at KidsGold! They have all kinds of other jewelry for that special girl in your life.

My granddaughter will love these 14K gold post birthstone earrings from KidsGold

All of the jewelry from KidsGold comes with a beautiful gift box. There ‘s also a cute little gift bag included that you can slide the gift box into. These will make the child receiving the gift so very special!

The Birthstpne Earrings I got my granddaughter, and all other jewelry from KidsGold, comes with this box and gift bag.

I know my granddaughter will feel like a grown-up when she finds this package under the Christmas tree. I know I’ll have to buy at least one more pair of these for my other granddaughter. I’m glad that I’ll know where to go when that day comes. KidsGold has the most reasonable prices for the most beautiful jewelry for children.

Who do you know that would love these beautiful earrings?

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