Game Night with Blue Orange Games

Game Night with Blue Orange Games

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Blue Orange Games are perfect for game night!

Make Game Night Fun with Blue Orange Games!

I received two games to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Blue Orange Games are perfect for game night!

If you are looking for family fun on game night, you’ll want to choose Blue Orange Games. Blue Orange has so many wonderful games to choose from. They have games for all ages too; from age 3 to adult! I was sent two fantastic games from Blue Orange for our Holiday Gift Guide, and I know my grandkids will love them.

Top That! (Ages 6 and up. 2 – 4 players)

Blue Orange Games are perfect for game night!

Top That! is a great game for my oldest daughter’s kids. The skills this game develops are problem solving, visual perception, fine motor skills, focus and attention, and processing speed.  The object of the game is to follow the directions on the cards you get. On the cards, the grey objects have to be hidden, color objects have to be visible and objects that have stars around them, have to be left empty. You just stack the items according to the cards. It’s relatively easy, but you have a time limit to do all this! I know the kids will love playing this game on their game night. My Cha-Cha will really love this game. He likes competition. I love the top hat and the white rabbit!

Gigamons ( Ages 6 and up. 2 – 4 players)

Blue Orange Games are perfect for game night!

This is the cutest game. It develops skills of memory, focus and attention, and problem solving. It’s kind of a memory game, but with pictures of Elemons. When you find a pair of Elemons you get to keep them. When you collect 3 pair of Elemons cards, you actually get the standup of the Elemon itself! The first person to collect three Elemons wins the game! This is the memory game that is packed with special powers. The characters of this game are so cute. This one will be given to my oldest son’s family, since I think my 5 year old grandson can handle playing this one when they have game night. I’m going to have to go visit them on game night because I know I would love this game.

If you are looking for a great family gift, grab a couple of Blue Orange Games to liven up your game night. If you are in the Houston area, you can find these games at any Learning Express in town. If you are not in the Houston area, check the Store Locator for a retailer near you!

Does your family have game nights? What kind of games does your family play?


  1. Right now family game night means playing something on the XBOX or computer but we are wanting to do more board games with the kids.

  2. Velvet says:

    My family loves game night lately we have been playing clue and twister

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