Half Unicorn, Half Zebra – Zoonicorns Review

Half Unicorn, Half Zebra – Zoonicorns Review

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Zoonicorns are part unicorn, part zebra.

Half Unicorn, Half Zebra

*I received the book, and stuffed Zoonicorn to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Learn all about the half unicorn, half zebra Zoonicorns.

Zoonicorns are adorable half unicorn, half zebra animals that live in the dream worlds of animals. There are four different Zoonicorns and you can meet them in their adorable book,  Buffy Meets The Zoonicorns. You can also visit the website for interactive stories, games and activities that feature these sweet little half unicorn, half zebra dream animals. Children will learn valuable lessons from every story. The activities can be printed from the website for children to work on and color. The games each teach something as well. There are matching games, hidden object games and an adventure game where you make your way through the world of dreams, collecting stars and avoiding dangerous creatures. It’s great for all ages. I even like this game.

Books and Stuffed Animals

Valeo is the half unicorn, half zebra Zoonicorn

There are actually four different Zoonicorns; Valeo, Aliel, Ene, and Promithea. Each Zoonicorn is a different color, has a different personality, and a different part in the story. I was sent Valeo, the blue and white Zoonicorn. You can read about each of the little Zoonicorns and their personalities on the website. The stuffed animals are very well made, as well as soft and cuddly. They are a wonderful gift for even small children, since they have no small parts that a young child could break off and choke on.

Half unicorn, half zebra Zoonicorns are the stars of this book.

The book Buffy Meets The Zoonicorns, is about a little buffalo calf at the zoo. After she has a particularly rough day at the zoo, she meets the Zoonicorns in her dreams. The illustrations are beautiful, and there is a hard cover on the book to protect it.

The half unicorn, half zebra Zoonicorns play with Buffy

I really enjoyed this book, and I know my grandkids will enjoy it as well. Mark Lubratt is the author, and the illustrator is Sara Weingartner.

I think this book and stuffed Zoonicorn, Valeo, will be wonderful gifts for one of my grandchildren. I can hardly wait to show them all the games!

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