DK Books – Birds and LEGO for HGG

DK Books – Birds and LEGO for HGG

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In our house, the belief is that one can never read too many books. Okay, not everyone feels that way. I feel that way though, and so do a lot of my grandchildren. Books and reading are so important. I always try to give the grandchildren at least one book at Christmas. This year DK has helped this endeavor by sending me two fabulous books; American Museum of Natural History’s Birds of North America, and 365 Things To Do With LEGO Bricks

Let’s Do Some Bird Watching

American Museum of Natural History's Birds of North America from DK Publishing

We’ll start with American Museum of Natural History’s Birds of North America. Since we are big bird watchers, this book will constantly be in use. It is a big, thick book, with information on every North American bird. It has the most beautiful pictures too. At the first of the book is a guide to show you how the book works. Then, each Family has it’s own chapter as well as a page about the family. Each bird is also featured on it’s own page.

"Birds of North America" has beautiful pictures and lots of information!

All the information you want to know about each bird is right there on the page. Everything from what they sound like, to their nests, to what they eat is on that page. I love that there are pictures of the birds in flight too. That makes it easier for us to identify the birds we see. This book will get so much use in our home.

LEGO Fun for Grandchildren

"365 Things To Do With LEGO Bricks" has activities, games and more!

My oldest son’s boys love LEGO bricks. This wonderful book, 365 Things To Do With LEGO Bricks, will give them lots of things to do with their LEGO bricks. It holds activities, games, challenges, and even pranks to do with their LEGO bricks. Embedded in the front cover is an “activity selector and timer”. It helps them choose one of the 365 projects to build and then times their progress.

This cool activity selector helps choose an activity.

The projects are small but so much fun to complete. Keep in mind you will need a good assortment of bricks to be able to complete these projects. There are lessons on the basics of building in the front of the book. Then it slowly graduates up to more complicated builds. I know this means I’ll be purchasing LEGO kits for them for future birthday and holiday gifts!

The "365 Things To Do With LEGO Bricks" book has lots of activities, games and more!

No matter what type of book you need, chances are you’ll find it from DK Publishing!

Does your family like books? What is your favorite book?



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