Placemats from Inner Vision Studios HGG

Placemats from Inner Vision Studios HGG

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Inner Vision Studios has the most beautiful laminated placemats

Protection and Beauty

I have messy teenagers. Ok, there, I said it. I admitted it. I wish I knew what I could do, (outside of constantly complaining), to make them keep their place at the table clean. If they spill milk from their bowl, it sits on the table until I make them clean it up, or I clean it up myself. It’s practically impossible to keep a tablecloth on my table, because of the mess they make. I’d be changing it out every meal. This was a constant problem for me, until I found these beautiful laminated placemats from Innervision.

Inner Vision Studios makes the most beautiful placemats!

Inner Vision placemats are laminated with a heavy, thick plastic. I’ve had them on my table for a little over a month, and I am so happy with them. They are so big that they catch everything. Every drip, every spill, lands on the placemat. Because they are heavy plastic, I can easily wipe them clean with a damp cloth. Even if my boys let whatever it is sit on the mat all day, these are still easily cleaned off with a damp dishcloth. You have no idea how happy that makes me. Ok, if you are a mom, you probably do have an idea.

Heavily Laminated To Protect Your Table!

'Watery Floral' placemat from Inner,Vision Studio

‘Watery Floral’ placemat by Inner Vision Studio

These placemats are just as beautiful as they are functional. Gorgeous flowers adorn these placemats. The artwork is all done by Karen J. Andrews. The placemats in the pictures are ‘Floral Montage’. I also received one ‘Watery Floral’ and one ‘Intense Flower’.

'Intense Flower' placemat from Inner Vision Studio

‘Intense Flower by Inner Vision Studio

I will be ordering a set of the ‘Intense Flower’ for our outdoor table that is going on the new deck. These are so beautiful! They are the perfect Christmas gift for Moms, or newly married couples.
I am drawn to these because I love the medium of watercolor. These are exquisite examples of watercolor. Karen also sells her paintings and pictures. I love the ‘Three Gears’ print on the website. It would be perfect in my oldest son’s bedroom!

Do you have messy kids? Do you have placemats?

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