Art, Craft and Duct Tape Bags

Art, Craft and Duct Tape Bags

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Duct Tape Bags by Richela Fabian Morgan is a craft book of bags made from duct tape.

Are you crafty? Do you like to do arts and crafts with your kids? How would you like to make your own handbag? When I was younger, I made my own hobo bag in Home Economics class. I’m honestly not much on sewing though. So, when I saw this book, Duct Tape Bags- 40 Projects for Totes, Clutches, Messenger Bags, and Bowlers, I had to try it!

This craft bag, Movement Underground from Duct Tape Bags by Richela Fabian Morgan.

Richela Fabian Morgan has designed some really wonderful bags, all made out of Duct tape! I’ve been seeing all those different patterned Duct tapes in the stores for a while now. When we go to Walmart, there’s a little voice in my head that keeps saying, “You could figure out something to do with that! Cover your journals! Cover your window blinds! Find SOMETHING!” Now, I’ve found this book, and I love so many of the bags inside. I think I might be able to make the Kemberly a little larger so my laptop will fit in it!

The craft bag, Serena, is a beautiful bag from the Duct Tape Bag book!

My favorite bag in this book is right on the front cover. ‘Movement Underground’ looks kind of like a subway map with it’s criss-crossing, different colored lines on the white background. That bright lime green strap just sets the whole bag off beautifully. Each bag has a hardness level in the corner of the first page of that project. I plan to start with an easy bag first and then work up. There are instructions for forty bags in this book, and I will probably make at least a third of them. I know the Serena is on my list. It’s so elegant, and just doesn’t look like a ‘duct tape’ bag!

What kind of crafts do you enjoy? Would this be one you’d like?

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