Baby’s Sensitive Skin Needs Babytime!

Baby’s Sensitive Skin Needs Babytime!

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Babytime! by Episencial®

Health Care Begins with Skin Care

From the time I brought them home, all I wanted was to keep my babies healthy. From the time I brought them home, I was obsessed with keeping them healthy and safe. We spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on safe carseats, cribs, monitors to make sure our children are safe. No matter what we do, though, all babies suffer from some type of dermatitis in their first years. I think every one of my children had cradle cap; it’s probably one of the most prevalent types of dermatitis. Some babies even get eczema, or just common skin dehydration because of a baby’s sensitive skin. The products from Babytime! by Episencial® can help.

Great Products for Baby’s Sensitive Skin

Babytime by Episencials Soothing Cream soothes a baby's sensitive skin

Babytime! by Episencial products are all-natural. Episencial starts with probiotics in their skincare products to support skin health and to keep these common skin problems from developing. They add in neem oil and juice extracts. I love that they use neem oil, because I know it is a very beneficial oil for skin. It has been used for thousands of years and is very safe. It’s great for eczema and helps to hydrate a baby’s sensitive skin. I’ve been using Episencials Soothing Cream for the eczema patches on my elbows, and it’s wonderful!

Babytime! by Episencials Peaceful Bubbles won't hurt a baby's sensitive skin

I keep Peaceful Bubbles in the cabinet for when the grand-kids come to stay the night. It’s a fabulous bubble bath that also doubles as a shampoo. There is nothing better than a product that does double duty! I love the herbal fruity scent too. It helps my grandchildren calm down and go to bed easier than before I started buying it. Every little bit helps when they are already excited about spending the night. They get a bath with Peaceful Bubbles and sleep on sheets that have been sprayed with lavender. No better way to get them unwound, and down for a good nights sleep.

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