Beach Wear from SwimZip

Beach Wear from SwimZip

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Ok, I know for a lot of you, it’s probably too cold to think about swimming, or the beach. If you like to ski though, you’ll agree that UV protection is very important. The people at SwimZip are all about sun and UV protection. Here in Texas we still have good weather for the beach. Our nights are cool, but our days are still in the 80’s. Also, if you are a beach person, what else would you want for Christmas, but great swimwear and cover-ups for the beach?

SwimZip MachuPicchu Beach Towel

Of course, as long as it’s not too cold, this beautiful, very large, round towel is perfect for outdoor picnics as well as the beach! One side has a great design and the other is all terrycloth. It’s certainly big enough for laying out in the sun, with room for at least two people to lay out on. It will also cover the whole seat in your car for the ride home, and keep most of the sand off the seat! It’s made of 100% cotton and it’s so soft. When you get home, shake it out real good and then pop it in the wash (on cold wash!), air fluff dry, and it’s beautiful again!

JitterBug loves the Machu Picchu Beach Towel from SwimZip.

I fell in love with this Machu Picchu Round Beach Towel Roundie when I first saw it. There are other designs available, but this one made me happy. It is absolutely huge, and covers almost my whole queen size bed!

The terry on this SwimZip Beach Towel is very fine so it dries quickly!

We’ve used it for yard picnics when the grandkids are over. It is so pretty with it’s twisted fringe. I know it will get a lot of use when summer arrives as well. We spend quite a bit of time at the beach in the summer!

The Machu Picchu Beach Towel has beautiful fringe!

SwimZip has something for everyone in the family. They’ll keep your children’s sensitive skin safe from the sun. You won’t have to worry about remembering to reapply sunscreen if you keep them decked out in SwimZip UV protective clothing and their hats! There are cover ups for moms and dads too. Everyone can be safe from the sun.

Does your family like the beach? 

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