Bible Stories: Christmas Love Letters from God

Bible Stories: Christmas Love Letters from God

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Christmas Love Letters from God are Bible Stories

Love Letter Bible Stories

Christmas Love Letters from God is a book about Bible stories about Jesus birth

This book, Christmas Love Letters from God, tells the story of Jesus’ birth, through shorter Bible stories. It starts with Isaiah prophesying of Jesus’ birth. Each story begins by telling about someone who received a message from God, and then ends with a letter to my child in the form of a fold-up card. These notes from God have a space at the beginning where I can write my grandchild’s name, making them very personal messages. These messages to my grandchild correspond to the message God had for the person in the story.

This book makes these Bible stories personal to your child.

It’s important to me, that the ‘love notes’ from God, are backed up with a scripture. I found a scripture on each page with a card. This is a great idea because it personalizes each message from God in a way that fits everyone. I think this helps a child realize that the Bible isn’t just written for everyone, it’s written for them. Even I, as an adult, sometimes forget this! I think the way the book is written, helps my grand children feel like these messages are written just for them by God.

These love letters from God correspond to the Bible story.

This book of Bible stories was written by Glenys Nellist and Illustrated by Rachel Clowes. Glenys writes with a passion for bringing the Bible to life for young children. She is very good at this! Each of these ‘love letters’ made me feel the love God has for us. I’m sure they will make each child that reads them feel it as well. Rachel Clowes studied illustration at Cambridge School of Art, and began her career in children’s magazines. The illustrations for this book are so beautiful. They really help me see what the text is talking about. I love the feeling in these illustrations.

Do you read Bible stories to your children/grandchildren? What are their favorites?


  1. Saundra McKenzie says:

    I would love to read this book to my grandchildren.

  2. Jana Leah says:

    I don’t have kids, but my niece & nephew enjoyed bible stories in the form of picture books when they were little.


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