Cool 3D Nightlights From 3DLightFX

Cool 3D Nightlights From 3DLightFX

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The Coolest Nightlights Ever

I have several grandchildren who are afraid of the dark. This is to be expected since most of my grandchildren are fairly young. I have found the best nightlights ever; nightlights even grown ups will love. These nightlights don’t plug in to the wall. Which means I don’t have to worry about my grandchildren playing with the nightlight, and getting electrocuted. These are 3D nightlights that do double duty as room decor. You can get them in many different characters, and everyone from small children to adults will find one that they love. They are from 3DLightFX and found at your nearest Target or online at

Many 3D Nightlights to Choose From!

Does your teen like comic books? Wouldn’t they love this Captain America nightlight? It looks like he threw it right into the wall. I have an adult son that would love this in his game room. I’m sure it would keep him from tripping over furniture with the lights off.

3DLightFX has many 3D nightlights, like Captain America's sheild!

My youngest granddaughter would love this Pinkie Pie from the My Little Pony cartoon. My daughters used to play with My Little Ponies, so I know this would bring back a lot of memories for them.

3DLightFX has many 3D nightlights, like My Little Pony

How about this football for the ‘man cave’ at your house? My husband doesn’t like watching football, but I bet my boys would like to have it in their rooms. Hmmm. Maybe I should put one on one side of the wall in the oldest son’s room and one on the other side of that same wall in my youngest son’s room. That would be crazy looking from the hallway!

3DLightFX has many 3D nightlights, like a football!

Ok, now for my very favorite nightlight! I have a huge soft spot for the Minions, and this Stuart nightlight is adorable. He’ll be perfect for the guest room. Then my grand-kids won’t have to be afraid of the dark when they spend the night.

3DLightFX has many 3D nightlights, like Stuart from the Minions

They even have Star Wars and Disney Princesses too. I’ll be reviewing a 3DLightFX nightlight soon, to show you exactly how it looks. For now, you can go grab one for yourself at Target or!

Which nightlight from 3DLightFX would you like best?


  1. Lynne B says:

    Oh my! I don’t know any young child who wouldn’t LOVE this! Actually, I could see college kids loving it too!

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