Creative Origami and Beyond

Creative Origami and Beyond

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Creative Origami Tips, Techniques, and Projects

Creative Origami And Beyond

Creative Origami and Beyond: Inspiring tips, techniques, and projects for transforming paper into folded works of art is a wonderful book. There are directions for projects in this book that I am so ready to try. I love the little Lucky Origami Stars. They are puffy, and cute. I want to make a huge amount of them out of shiny, glittery paper. Then I want to put them in clear votive holders and nestle my battery powered votive candles into them. I really think origami is becoming a lost art. I have seen a lot of interest by younger people recently though, which gives me heart. It’s a beautiful art form that anyone can do.

Creative Origami and Beyond has great projects!

Creative Origami and Beyond has several projects that are perfect for parties. I really like the Medallions. These are perfect for parties! Just make a bunch of them up in different sizes and different color papers. Then, hang them over the gift table, or the candy/dessert buffet. The Blossom Lights would be great to string in branches over an outdoor table, or even on my deck over the table we have out there. I want to make a string of them using bright happy colors to use at birthday parties.

Creative Origami and Beyond has great projects!

The Wet-Fold Origami section is probably my favorite part of this book. I can’t wait to try this! The trees are so full of character, and the gnome is very cute as well. I do know I’ll be using the pattern for the miniature lilies, and a few miniature cranes, to decorate Christmas gifts this year. Oh, and those adorable, puffy, little stars too. Looks like I’ll be spending a good bit of time working on Origami projects next year!

Have you ever tried the art of Origami? What did you make? 

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