Engrave Your Sentiments In Gemstone

Engrave Your Sentiments In Gemstone

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Turn Sentiments Into LovePendants™

It isn’t often you find something so unique, and so beautiful. A friend told me about LovePendants™ and I fell in love almost immediately. You make the choices and design your own pendant, bracelet or charm. The process is relatively simple, although there are so many choices to make, that I had trouble making up my mind! When I received the pendant that I designed, I was so happy with it!

LovePendants are made with a specially cut gemstone and enameled engraving.

LovePendants™ are made of a specially cut gemstone that is engraved with whatever sentiment you can fit on it’s surface. The engraving is then filled with a special enamel. A frame of precious metal is added, and a chain. You choose the gemstone, the engraving, the color of the engraving, and the metal you want the frame made from. I chose a pendant but they also have bracelets, or just the charm.

Building Your Own with Gemstone and Engraving

LovePendants are made with a specially cut gemstone and enameled engraving.

First I chose a pendant, because I knew I didn’t want a charm or bracelet. Then I chose the engraving. I knew I wanted the word ‘joy’ but I wasn’t sure what color to make the engraving. I finally decided on the metallic silver. Next up, the type of gemstone. There are five to choose from (Blue and White Topaz, Citrine, Amethyst, and Green Quartz) and they are all beautiful. I thought about choosing the citrine, because it is one of my favorite gemstones. I wanted to be able to see the letters through the gemstone, so I chose the white topaz, which looks like clear glass. Sterling Silver was my favorite choice for the metal frame around the gemstone. All my jewelry is either sterling silver or white gold, and I knew this beautiful piece would fit in perfectly.

What would you put on your LovePendant? Would you choose a charm, bracelet, or pendant?

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