Frogs Get Awesome Help From Strawesome

Frogs Get Awesome Help From Strawesome

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Strawesome Has Awesome Straws!

First let me start of by saying I have loved Strawesome for a very long time. I have several of their straws, and my newest is probably my favorite! Strawesome has the best straws for smoothies, shakes, iced tea, water – anything you want to drink. You can get them long or short, bent or straight, plain or decorated. However you want them, Strawesome has them. You can even order “Cause-Straws” that all the proceeds go to a specific cause (like the frog straw I’ll show you), and ‘sets’, like this starter set, consisting of a see-thru short straw, a see-thru short smoothie straw, see-thru straw and see-thru smoothie straw, and a cleaning brush. The last two are the longer straws.

The Strawesome starter set makes the perfect 'first straw set'!

 Healthy Frogs = Healthy Planet

Strawesome's Healthy Frog - Healthy Planet Cause straw

My newest and favorite Strawesome straw so far is this amazing ‘Frogs Are Green – Healthy Frog Straw’. This is a “Cause Straw”. All proceeds from “Cause Straws” go to the particular cause for which the straw was created. I think this is an amazing thing for a company to do. At the moment there are twelve “Cause Straws” and Daedra (the founder of Strawesome) is looking for new causes all the time. I love listening to the frogs out in our ponds in the back pasture, so this straw had a special place in my heart. I love his wiggly tongue sticking out on my straw! He is actually one of the samples from when they were creating the straw you see on the website now, so he’s a little different than you would get if you order. These are such beautiful special straws!

My old straw from Strawesome

This is a Strawesome straw that I’ve had for several years. This is the straw I grab for smoothies and shakes. It’s big around so it’s easier to pull thick liquids through, and it’s special so I can see it and claim it. I’ll be using my Healthy Frog straw now, so this one will get some down time. Maybe I’ll let one of the kids use it. We’ll see, hahaha! Strawesome’s straws all help to keep the world free of plastics that are poisoning our planets animals. Are you part of the problem, or part of the answer?

Go to Strawesome’s “Cause-Straw” page and tell me what straw you would choose!


  1. Lynne B says:

    I would choose the Get Real For Kids – The Loving on Kids Straw because I have a soft spot for children’s causes.

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