The Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway is HERE!

The Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway is HERE!

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

YAY! It’s Time for the Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway!

Trista from Andersons Angels and I have gathered together a whole slew of fabulous gifts for everyone in your family! You can see all of these gift ideas on the Holiday Gift Guide page. They are linked to the reviews for each item through the title above each picture. I’m working hard to get reviews up for every prize in the giveaway. If it’s not on the Holiday Gift Guide page, I promise it will be there before the end of the giveaway.   We went one better with this one, and we have TWO giveaways – a 1st prize and a 2nd prize!

Trista and I have been scrambling for the last few months to bring you this fun filled giveaway. There are lures for your guy, toys and books for your children, and hey! there’s even treats for your dog! A lot of the sponsors gave us two products to give away, so we wrapped those things up into the second prize. It doesn’t have everything the first prize does, but it’s got enough to be a fabulous prize! I’m loving all the books in these fabulous prize packs.

If you want to see a list of what is in both prize packs (these are lo-o-o-ong lists, Baby!) GO HERE!

Ok, lets not waste any more time, right?! Go enter to win one of these amazing prizes!

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