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LEGO KidsFest in Houston, Texas

I am a little late writing this, but I really wanted to tell you about the amazing time we had at the LEGO® KidsFest! Back in 2012 I took Hubby and the boys to LEGO KidsFest in Austin. We had the best time playing with bricks, and took tons of pictures. This year, it was actually here, in Houston, so I took my oldest son and two of his boys to this amazing event. We had so much fun, and again, I took oh-so-many pictures! This post is pic-heavy, but this is by no means all the pictures we took!

LEGO KidFest has lots of sculptures made entirely of bricks!

This is the first sculpture, waving hello, just inside the KidFest!

We told Smiley, and E-Man that we were going to a concert. They were trying to get hints out of us up until we walked in to the doors of the KidsFest. When they saw all the LEGO sculptures, they kind of figured it out. We showed them where the Lost Parent Zone was first so they would know where to go if we got separated. Then we got pictures with all the sculptures …

The boys with Batman made of LEGO® Bricks

This picture was one of my favorites. It’s hard to tell without blowing it up a little, but E-man’s eyes are real big around looking at the teeth in the dinosaur’s mouth! He is such a ham.

The boys with dinosaurs made of LEGO bricks

I also love this picture of my son and the grandsons with LEGO® Hulk. Don’t they look mean?! LOL!

Hulk made of LEGO bricks, my son, and the grandkids

The boys were having such a great time, but my oldest son had a pretty good time himself. In fact, a couple of times the boys and I had to go find him, because he wandered off to take selfies with the sculptures! He’s just a big kid at heart.

My son's selfie with HULK made of LEGO bricks!

Plenty To Do At KidsFest!

The boys don’t really like lines, so they didn’t want to do the challenges. They did get to do what they really wanted to do though – play in the brick piles. That’s what they did for most of the night. They each made a shield out of LEGO bricks (a shield like the LEGO™ NEXO KNIGHTS carry to defeat the evil Jestro!).

The NEXO KNIGHTS shields that the boys made of LEGO bricks.

They also got to pose for pictures with NINJAGO!


We bought nachos from the concession stand for a quick snack. The boys would go play with bricks and come eat nachos, then go back to the bricks.

Leaving the bricks for a little snack!

My son and I watched them from a table, and watched parents and children lose each other as well. LEGO® KidsFest is a fabulous time, but make sure your kids know where you will be at all times. If you do happen to lose each other, make sure they know to head for the Lost Parent Zone to find you!

There are so many bricks at LEGO KidFest!

This is a picture on the back of the very first sculpture’s shirt! He’s waving bye as we leave LEGO KidsFest

We hit the nearest fast-food restaurant to feed the boys before we made our way home. It was a great night, and they were both fast asleep before he even got me home! You should definitely plan to go to LEGO® KidsFest next year!

Do your children/grandchildren play with LEGO bricks?


  1. Katt Lewis says:

    I have no idea why at my age I want to play with some legos so badly. But I sure wish I could have gone to that Lego kidsfest you went to, it looks awesome!

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