Nerium Skin Care Slows The Clock

Nerium Skin Care Slows The Clock

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A Little Help From Nerium Skin Care

Ok, ya’ll have seen a number of different skin care lines reviewed here on my blog. The truth is they all work to a degree. I’m still searching for what I like the best. I have to be careful what I use because my eyes are sensitive to a lot of different skin care and makeup products. Most mascaras make my eyes burn like crazy, and I can’t wear any waterproof ones. Many skin care products do the same; if they get in my eyes through sweat or anything like that, they burn. When I was asked to review the Nerium Age-Defying Eye Serum and Firming Body Contour Cream, I agreed. I figured, it would either bother me, and find it’s way into the trash, or actually work for me, and find it’s way to my make-up/skin care cabinet.

Truth About Nerium Skin Care

Nerium Skin Care products help you keep a youthful appearance

I know you trust me to be honest with you. Nerium Skin Care Eye Serum hasn’t made my eyes burn, and I haven’t seen any new wrinkles, so I’m happy. It’s applied under the eye, so I don’t see the chance of it dripping into my eye from sweat. I do wish it were more natural. It does have a lot of natural ingredients; green tea, caffeine, jojoba esters, aloe barbadensis leaf juice. These products have been used for years to help keep skin youthful.

Nerium Skin Care products help you keep a youthful appearance

I was also sent the Firming Body Contour Cream. This product is supposed to “help smooth and tighten skin for a smoother, more toned appearance”. This product did smooth my skin, however, it did not get rid of fat, which is what cellulite is. It did moisturize my skin, plumping it to make the cellulite less noticeable. If you are looking to hydrate, and moisturize your skin, this is the product. It smells nice too.

These products would be nice stocking stuffers for your wife – just make sure you won’t be in danger of her thinking you are calling her ‘old and wrinkly’ or ‘fat’! You can follow Nerium International on their social media here –




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