Outlets Best Covered By SnapPower Chargers

Outlets Best Covered By SnapPower Chargers

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Keep Your Outlets Open!

The other day I went to plug in my stick blender in the kitchen, and there was a phone charger in the outlet. Later that day, while I was cleaning up the house, I went to plug in the vacuum cleaner. What did I find? One of the boys’ had their tablet charging there! With all the technology there is today, it seems my electrical outlets are constantly taken up with chargers! When I found Snap Power, I thought someone out there was reading my mind.

The Snap Power Charger Outlet Cover lets you charge your tech, and still have both outlets!

Snap Power has a number of products that are great for the home. The one that saves my boys from having all their social media taken away is the SnapPower Charger.  With the SnapPower Charger, both ‘plugs’ in my outlets are open, and gives me a place to charge my phone or tablet as well. The charger is built right into the outlet cover. It is so simple, it is pure genius. My family members’ phone/tablet/game can charge, and I can still run a vacuum.

The Snap Power Charger Outlet Cover snugs the charger cord close to the wall.

This is an outlet cover that I think should be automatically installed in all new homes, and on all outlets. Ok, that may be a bit dramatic, but it would save everyone so much time and so much frustration. I am always telling the boys that I’ll take their tablets/games/toys away if I find them plugged in anywhere in my living room or kitchen. There just never are enough outlets for everything. We’ve decided to install SnapPower chargers in the outlets in all the bedrooms so technology can be charged there, instead of in the living room or kitchen!

Snap Power Charger Outlet Covers for your tech!

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Does your family have a lot of technology? What kinds?