PEETZ “Hookum” Spoon Fishing Lures

PEETZ “Hookum” Spoon Fishing Lures

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These PEETZ Hookum Spoon Lures are so beautiful!

Ok, it may not be perfect fishing weather where you are, but here in Texas the weather is perfect! Right now we have temps in the 50’s at night and in the 70’s during the day. Not to mention that it’s been kind of overcast lately. You couldn’t beg for better fishing weather! Hubby and the boys have been talking about going up to the State Park and doing a little fishing but we’ve been so busy on the weekends, we haven’t had the chance. I have a couple of the PEETZ Outdoors “Hookum” Spoons for them to try out, but I’m thinking I’ll just wait, and pop them in their stockings instead!

The PEETZ Hookum Spoon lure has shiny reflective stickers on one side.

The “Hookum” spoons were first developed by Boris Cecil Peetz, the founder of PEETZ Outdoors, back in the ’30’s. They all but disappeared in the ’70’s but now PEETZ Outdoors is bringing them back. “Hookum” spoons are a trolling spoon.  They work a little different from typical spoons, because they use a swivel connector attached to the underside of the spoon instead of at the end. This makes the spoon angle down and to one side which makes it act like something between a spoon and a plug.

The ends of the PEETZ Hookum Spoon lure is different than others!

“Hookum” spoons make perfect stocking stuffers. I know these will be perfect for the boys’ stockings along with some different lures and fishing equipment they’ve wanted. We tend to do a lot of fishing during the Spring, Summer and early Fall. PEETZ Fishing & Outdoors has all the equipment anyone could want for fishing. You should check them out. I think one of the biggest reason I love PEETZ is that they give back through the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

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