Stockings? Get HartFelt 360 Toothbrushes!

Stockings? Get HartFelt 360 Toothbrushes!

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Toothbrushes Are Great in Kids Stockings!

I’m a Nana. I have twelve grandchildren, which means Christmas is a big deal around here. Just look at all those happy smiles ….

Hubby and Me with the grandkids

These are eleven of my twelve grandchildren, as well as one great grandchild, with my husband and me. I may be the Nana that spoils them, but I still want their smiles to stay bright and decay free. That’s why I give them toothbrushes every year in their Christmas stockings. I’ll tell you though, this year I got a new kind of toothbrush for those stockings. This year, they’ll be getting Baby Buddy 360 toothbrushes from HartFelt.

HartFelt 360 Toothbrushes make great for stockings!

HartFelt has six different phases of toothbrush for the different ages of child. Most of my grandchildren will be getting the Stage 5 (4 month – 24 months) and Stage 6 (2 years – 12 years) toothbrushes. A couple of them will be getting adult toothbrushes in their stocking. The one really amazing thing that’s different about the HartFelt 360 brushes is the bristles. These microfiber bristles go 360 degrees around the brush handle! Yes, all the way around it!

My grandkids deserve the best toothbrush in their stockings!

Because there are so many microfiber bristles, you don’t have to brush as hard as you would with a normal brush. You can also use only water! The ultra fine microfiber bristles massage gums, remove plaque and food particles. It’s also very effective at cleaning the tongue which helps deter bad breath.  I’m sure my grand-kids will love the cool factor of this brush. They don’t have to twist their wrist while brushing. The bristles are already everywhere, so they won’t be able to miss a spot! Their parents will love it because it will mean less cavities, so lower bills at dentist visits! Any parent should be at least looking at the HartFelt 360 toothbrush for their child.

Tell me what you think about this new 360 toothbrush by HartFelt!

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