The Sun Shines at Nana’s with DreamFrenz

The Sun Shines at Nana’s with DreamFrenz

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Dream Frenz

Let Sol Bring The Sun Inside!

*I received one Dream Frenz to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 

DreamFrenz, like Sol the Sun, double as a pillow and a doll.

The Dream Frenz are a special team of friends, um, frenz, that help children broaden their imaginations. They are cute little throw pillows that double as dolls. When I saw Sol the Sun, I fell in love with his warm disposition and sunny outlook. I knew he would brighten up the room that my grandchildren stay in when they visit. Ok, enough with the puns, I just loved him! His round ‘sun’ shape is the perfect throw pillow for the bed in our ‘guest room’.

DreamFrenz, like Sol the Sun, double as a pillow and a doll.

Sol has a small body tucked up inside his big round head. When my grand-kids play with Sol, they pull his tiny body out of the pocket to turn him into a doll. When they go home, I tuck his little body up into the pocket, so he becomes a decorative pillow. I love that he is wearing little shorts, just like my grand-kids wear when playing outside in the summer! Actually, I’m amazed at all the wonderful little details of this pillow/doll. His face is a two-tone yellow ‘tie-dye’ print, that actually looks a lot like pictures of the surface of the sun. The addition of big black shades across his two tone face are just perfect for Sol. His ‘rays’ are made of felt all around his big head. I can tell that the person that designed him put a lot of thought into his character.

DreamFrenz, like Sol the Sun, double as a pillow and a doll.

The Dream Frenz Story

The story behind Dream Frenz is a happy one as well. They are the brainchild of a mom, who took her oldest daughter’s drawings, and brought them to life. Her middle daughter’s sewing instructor helped sew the prototypes for the whole Dream Frenz gang. The youngest daughter, contributed by playing with and approving each Dream Frenz character. The whole family worked together to give my grandchildren (and other children everywhere) new friends that they can play with and broaden their imaginations. There are ten different Dream Frenz for children to choose from. You can purchase them from the website or from!

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What Dream Frenz would your child like best? 

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