Top Soap Refills Make Holidays Easier!

Top Soap Refills Make Holidays Easier!

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Keeping Life Easy With Top Soap

TopSoap Refills are perfect for in counter soap dispensers!

I find that I function better in high stress situations (example? Family get-togethers!) if I keep things simple. Our Christmas (or any other) family get-togethers are packed with twelve grandchildren, six kids, four spouses and often added friends. This would be stressful for anyone trying to do it themselves. Thank goodness, the girls (daughters and daughters-in-law) all help out. Products like Top Soap Products, do their part to make life easy as well!

How It Works –

The Top Soap product is a refill for your counter-top mounted soap dispenser. These refills help you refill the dispenser bottle without taking it out. First, of course, you must remove the top of your dispenser. Next, open the refill and put the attached ‘straw’ on the spout. Now, tip the refill bag up while putting the ‘straw’ down into the bottle. Squeeze the refill bag gently so the soap fills your bottle under the counter! It’s so easy! I used to buy the big refill bottles in the store, and then I’d over fill the bottle under the counter, so when I put the lid on the dispenser, the extra soap would gush out and over – all over my counter. Top Soap refills are all 12 oz, which will help you determine how much you need, once you know the size of your container.

Top Soap Refills are easy with the funnel.

Now, don’t worry if you don’t have a counter-top mounted soap dispenser. While I used to have one, I don’t have one any more. Now I have a cute little mason jar dispenser that I keep on the back of my sink. It’s just as easy to fill up with Top Soap refills. Just open them, and fill the jar/dispenser! If you don’t use all of it, just screw the lid back on and use it when you need it.

The funnel fits right on the TopSoap bag.

You can get any kind of soap you need from Top Soap. They carry basic hand soap, anti-bacterial soap, moisturizing soap, and even dish soap! I am using the anti-bacterial soap in my mason jar dispenser. With everything my hands go into out here on the farm, I thought it would be the best choice.

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Do you have a counter-top soap dispenser? Which kind of Top Soap would you prefer? 

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