Celebrations Are Easy With Oriental Trading!

Celebrations Are Easy With Oriental Trading!

The Best Celebrations start at Oriental Trading!

Amp Up Your Celebrations

With ten grandchildren that attend our family Christmas parties, I have to plan for months before these celebrations actually happen. I start my Christmas shopping in January so I can be sure to have something for each and every one of them at our family Christmas party. Stockings are the easiest part of the season though, because I use Oriental Trading to fill them up! They also have great crafts for kids of all ages!

So, TEN children, ages 13 down to 2 years old, can be a little hectic when you pack them all into a small house. (Yes, I said I have 12, but two are older and live far, so we don’t see them often) Once everyone is here, I like to sit at the kitchen table and do a craft with all the kids. Oriental Trading has so many wonderful crafts to choose from, and they are easy enough that even the 2 year old can participate with only a little help from an adult. This year we made these adorable gingerbread ornaments. They are made with a battery operated tea light. The kids really loved them! Everything we needed to make them is included in the craft kit; even the tea lights!

Fill Those Treat Bags, er, um Stockings!

I have stockings for all of the grandkids, but after they dump all of the toys out, they get lost, stepped on and broken or we have to put it all in bags so they can get it home. This year I chose to purchase Christmas bags to fill, instead of using the stockings. I waited until time for everyone to leave and to pass them out. It was like handing out party bags at the end of a birthday! This way all the toys, candy and stickers made it home instead of being left on my living room floor!

Oriental Trading has great items to fill stockings!

This year was so easy for me, and so much fun for everyone. Parents were happy because I didn’t add a bunch of candy to the “stockings” this year (just a couple of candy canes!). The children were happy because all of their things made it home and nothing got left at Nana’s! Oriental Trading helps make all of our celebrations easier, and happier!

What do you put in Christmas stockings at your house?

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