A Musical Holiday Bundle for Children

A Musical Holiday Bundle for Children

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TreasureToons Holiday Bundle from OodlesWorld

If you are looking for a faith-based gift for your children for Christmas, you can’t go wrong with this amazing, musical TreasureToons Holiday Bundle from OodlesWorld. The holiday bundle includes the TreasureToons Animated Lyric Scripture Songs DVD, the Wonderfully Made DVD of Cassie Byrum’s Scripture Songs, and a Rippy the frog plush animal.

TreasureToons Holiday Bundle is a wonderful musical gift for children!

Let’s Take A Look At Each Musical Item!

Wonderfully Made CD

This musical CD is so much fun for kids to sing along to!

This wonderful CD is packed with 12 spiritual songs that my grandchildren love! They help ground children in the Lord’s love. The back of the CD lists the songs, as well as the Bible verses that inspired the songs. These songs have lyrics that come directly from the Bible, so they’ll help my grandchildren learn those verses through song. The songs are very inspiring and uplifting. We have a lot of fun singing them. I found that the lyrics can be downloaded right from the website too. Musical gifts mean so much to my grandchildren!

TreasureToons Animated Lyric Scripture Songs DVD

This DVD is a musical treasure that children will love!

My youngest grandson loves to watch this cute animated musical video of six of the songs from Cassie Byram’s Wonderfully Made CD. The words are all on the screen so he and I can sing along, and it’s helped us learn the words to the songs. The Bible verses for each of the songs are on the back of the DVD case. My favorite song is the song “HoneyComb” (Proverbs 16:21-24). Here’s a preview of that song …

Rippy The Frog Plush Toy

Rippy isn't musical, but he's fun to dance with while listening to the DVD or CD!

I will be the first to admit that I absolutely love this plush Red-Eyed Tree Frog. He’s not musical himself, but he is a cute toy for children. A portion of all the proceeds from this little guy goes to the Orbie for Orphans; an organization established by OodlesWorld for orphans and foster children. This is an amazing non-profit organization. Here is their mission statement –

Orbie for Orphans is a global non-profit organization committed to creating resources for churches, missionaries and orphan leaders to help orphans and foster children overcome their painful issues of feeling unloved, discarded and unwanted.

When I read this, it hit kind of ‘close to home’. My parents were foster parents for a number of years after my brother and I were in our teens. The kids we brought into our home really could have benefited from some of those resources.

These products are good products for helping ground your children in the Bible, as well as orphans and foster children. Now that I’ve found both OodlesWorld and Orbie for Orphans, I’ll be purchasing more products from them.

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Do you normally purchase gifts that ‘give back’ in any way? 


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