Praline Chocolates Are The Perfect Hostess Gift

Praline Chocolates Are The Perfect Hostess Gift

Bouchard Chocolates are wonderful!

Beautiful Praline Chocolates from Bouchard

*I received this box of Bouchard praline chocolates to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 

Bouchard Praline Chocolates make an elegant hostess gift!

Remember back in October when I told you about Bouchard Napolitains being available at Costco? Well, now there are praline chocolates from Bouchard available at Target®! The same amazing chocolate wrapped around different flavors for centers; I am in love! I know I’ve found my favorite chocolates now. You know those other brands of chocolate that you buy to give as hostess gifts when you attend parties? Dump those! These Bouchard Praline Chocolates will get you invited to more parties, I’m sure!

Bouchard Praline Chocolates make an elegant hostess gift!

Amazing Chocolates from Belgium

Bouchard chocolates are made in Belgium, and there are so many amazing flavors in this little box! I think my personal favorite is the Creme Brulee but the Caramel and the Hazelnut Creme were pretty fabulous as well. The outer chocolate coating is smooth and wonderful, but the middles feel like they are melting in your mouth as soon as you bite into them. That little red booklet attached to the box tells what each chocolate is filled with. I love that they add that little perk instead of just printing it on one of the cover papers inside the box.

Bouchard Praline Chocolates make an elegant hostess gift!

Aren’t they beautiful? That white/chocolate one in the center is the Creme Brulee! The white one under it is coconut and it has flakes of toasted coconut sprinkled over it. It really tastes through and through like fresh coconut. The heart at the top is caramel, and when you bite it the caramel just oozes out. I can’t get over how smooth the chocolate really is. I’ve never tasted better!

Bouchard Praline Chocolates make an elegant hostess gift!

This red cover is what you see when you first open the box. It’s a map of Belgium where Bouchard Praline Chocolates originate. I am so very happy that Bouchard has started selling their chocolates in the USA. These are such rich tasting chocolates. They feel rich in your mouth, if that makes any sense. Smooth and delicious, they seem to melt on your tongue, and they are gone way too quickly. I had to force myself to only eat one or two and then close the box until the next day. These rich decadent chocolates are the perfect hostess gift, if you can stand to give them up!

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  1. Judy Cox says:

    My favorite candy is the Praline, so I would love to try these, since they are selling their chocolates here now!!!

  2. Jackie says:

    They really are pretty and sound delicious. I’d love to try the coconut flavored chocolate.

  3. Theses look yummy

  4. Ohhh my goodness, these look and sound amazing!! I love pralines, so I have no doubt these would be incredible!! Thanks for sharing!

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