Puppylicious Treats from Bil-Jac and Santa

Puppylicious Treats from Bil-Jac and Santa

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Bil-Jac Dog Food and Treats are puppy-licious!

These treats are really puppylicious!

I might have made up the word puppylicious, but my Maggie Mae knows exactly what it means when I say it! Puppylicious means that treats are on the way, and Maggie loves treats! I have to say, I like that Bil-Jac treats are so healthy and good for her. Sometimes dogs can be like kids when it comes to eating.  They like the package, but they don’t always like what’s in it. Maggie loves the crinkle of the package that treats come in, but there are only a few that she really likes to eat. Funny thing is, the treats she likes, are all natural treats, like Bil-Jac Original Recipe Dog Treats.

Bil-Jac Caramel Apple Dessert Jacs are puppylicious treats for the holidays!

I think maybe she likes them so much because they are made of chicken and chicken liver. Even Bil-Jac’s foods are made mostly of chicken and chicken livers. They never include wheat gluten meal, corn gluten meal, rice gluten, or protein concentrate in any of their products. They are full of everything your dog loves.

Bil-Jac Caramel Apple Dessert Jacs for the holidays are puppylicious treats!

So, while researching Bil-Jac products, I learned something I didn’t know before. Apparently, slow-cooking carbs makes them easier for your dog to digest. That’s why Bil-Jac slow-cooks the corn meal they use in their foods and treats. They use corn because it produces a lower glycemic index than other carbs, like rice.

Maggie Mae loves these puppylicious treats from Bil-Jac!

Honestly though, my Maggie Mae doesn’t care about any of that, even if I do care about it. All she cares about is the crinkle of the package (she can hear it in the next room, under the bed!) and the flavor. Bil-Jac has both of those criteria covered with no problem. In fact, I left Bil-Jac Original Recipe Dog Treats with my daughter-in-law, when we went out of town for Thanksgiving. Sometimes Maggie can be nippy when people come over. She loves my daughter-in-law now though!

What kind of treats do you feed your dog? What ingredients are on the label?

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