Thoughtfully: Gifting Stories

Thoughtfully: Gifting Stories

Thoughtful Gifts for Everyone

*I received this fabulous box as a gift from a wonderful group of work friends. I’m sharing because of the awesome-ness of this wonderful gift!

I got the most wonderful gift in the mail recently. The label told me who it was from, and I could see from the box that it was from a company called Thoughtfully. From the moment I saw the box, I was very interested! Wouldn’t this label peak your interest in the contents of this box?

All the tiny details tell you what a thoughtful gift a Thoughtfully box is!

Let’s Open the Box!!

When I opened the box I found a wonderful surprise! There was this cute little typewriter card inside on the lid. Tucked in that typewriter (like it was a page being typed) was a note card…

All the tiny details tell you what a thoughtful gift a Thoughtfully box is!

Inside this wonderful box was a bottle opener shaped like a wrench (It says “FREE BEER” on one side and “TOMORROW” on the other), an apron with “Born To Bake” printed across the front, a bread pan, and a bottle of Beer Bread mix. The directions say that all I have to do is mix a can of beer with the mix, spread it in the greased bread pan, and bake! So, so simple! has the most thoughtful gifts!

The boys and hubby are pushing me to make this mix as well as more bread in the future. This is so easy, they could do it themselves! I’m thinking I need to go to the website and send a few of their other gifts out to friends and family before Christmas. This Beer Bread Lovers Gift Set was so wonderful, can you imagine how great the others would be? has gifts for him, for her, and for hostesses, as well as Christmas and New Year gifts. These are so cool, I’m thinking I’ll be visiting all throughout the year. The boxes are full of really wonderful, unique, and very thoughtful gifts that anyone would be thrilled to receive!

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