JEEPERS! It’s January! Blog Hop Time!!

JEEPERS! It’s January! Blog Hop Time!!

Time for the JEEPERS! It's January! Blog Hop!

It’s Totally Time for the JEEPERS! It’s January! Blog Hop

I need, first, to take just a second to thank the hostesses for this great hop! The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island always take a lot of time, organizing, prepping and getting everyone together for these hops. They are so organized and I think they need a huge round of applause for all they do to help us (bloggers) to bring you these wonderful giveaways!

Now, on to the great giveaway I have put together for you today! It’s a mew year, and I think everyone deserves to start the year with the same fabulous Tools4Wisdom planner that I am using this year! It has places to record all the things you need to schedule, as well as great tips on reaching your goals for the year. The colorful, padded cover helps remind you to always believe in yourself!

The Tools4Wisdom 2017 planner can help keep you organized!

The important thing to remember is, after you enter to win this great planner from Tools4Wisdom, scroll down to the linky after the Rafflecopter, and enter to win on all the other blogs! There are over 100 giveaways to enter on that linky, which means your odds of winning at least one of them is a lot better! Crossing my fingers for your good luck!

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  1. Wendy R. says:

    I used to use a planner faithfully and then the past few years I have slacked off. Probably because my kids are no longer in school! Now I keep thinking i need to get a planner again to get more organized.

  2. I don’t use a planner but I want to so I can keep track of what work I need to do.

  3. Judy Cox says:

    Yes, I have always used a planner. When I worked, I could not do without it, but now I still use one just to keep up with all the dates and things I need to remember.

  4. Darcy Koch says:

    Yes. I sure do use a planner. With so much going on, If I didn’t plan and write it down I’d be so confused.

  5. I usually have a planner but I did not buy one this year! If I don’t win I’ll have to buy one!

  6. bn100 says:

    easy, keep track of stuff

  7. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I haven’t bought a planner in a long time. I love this.

  8. Debbie F says:

    I used to use a planner before smartphones came along.
    But I actually like to write things down so I’ve been meaning to go back to a physical planner.

  9. Hannah C says:

    Yes. I love to use planners.

  10. Fiona N says:

    Yes, I use a planner because it helps me more organized!
    Thank You

  11. polly says:

    I keep a planner for my work schedule and Dr. appointments.

  12. I use a wall calendar not a planner. But I am all for changes to the routine!

    • I have a wall calendar as well, for the boys to look at to see what’s planned. I use my planner for me to be able to see what’s going on, and it houses all my ‘writer’s activities’ as well!

  13. Teresa A Thompson says:

    I do use a planner. It helps me keep my life organized.

  14. Colette says:

    I don’t have a current planner because they are usually expensive. I use the ones that are paste.

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