Tools4Wisdom 2017 Planner for the New Year

Tools4Wisdom 2017 Planner for the New Year

New Year? New 2017 Planner Time!

*I received my new 2017 Tools4Living planner at a discount to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 

Ok, we are already into the New Year 2017! Did you get a new 2017 planner for this new year yet? I know people who get their planners in August, but I always end up waiting until December or January. Honestly I think it’s because my Tools4Wisdom planner starts with December, and ends with December. I love Tools4Wisdom planners so much, I really don’t want to have to get another until I absolutely need to get another!

Tools4Wisdom has the best 2017 planner for you!

You have to understand Tools4Wisdom planners to understand why I like them so much. These planners set you up to succeed in the next year. The first few pages are dedicated to helping you develop your goals for the coming year, and for tracking those goals. At the beginning of each month is a page for setting up your goals for that month. There is a two page calendar for each month, so you can see your whole month at a glance. Then the planner goes into weekly pages. Each week is spread across two pages, so you can see what’s coming. At the top of each day is a space for you to write your main goal for that day. This helps me to remember the most important projects for each day.

Tools4Wisdom has the best 2017 planner for you!

2 Page Month and Week At-A-Glance!

Each day is broken into times, so you can easily schedule meetings, soccer games, family times, etc. This helps me keep track of Twitter parties, schedule posts, and the grandkids events that I’m attending. It really helps me keep organized as to what’s next and what needs to be done. Under each day is a section for the Priority/Secondary/Other goals for that day. At the very bottom on the two page spread is a place for notes and ideas, and a place for weekly goals. That helps me see where I am for the week, and gives me a place to jot down ideas for posts, reviews, and other bloggers’ posts that I want to remember and go back to read.

Tools4Wisdom has the best 2017 planner for you!

To top off all of these wonderful attributes, the Tools4Wisdom 2017 planners have the most wonderful covers. The 2017 planner I chose has a colorful, padded cover with the reminder to “always believe in yourself” scrawled across it in a wonderful font. You can learn more about Tools4Wisdom planners in this video –

Tools4Wisdom planners help to set you up to succeed, walking you through the year, helping you keep and meet your goals. My new 2017 planner has me ready to take on the year! If you would like to order one for yourself you can use the code GET30YAY for 30% off the full size and half-size Always Believe in Yourself covers. If you’d like one of the other Tools4Wisdom planners you can get 20% off with the code GOGRAB20  (good for any planner). You can see all the different planners HERE.

Check out Tools4Wisdom and tell me which planner you would love to own!


  1. I can’t find the name for the one I like best that is pictured on the site but I also like the Beach Hammock one. I could only see 7 that are available though they have a bunch pictured on the site.

  2. Judy Cox says:

    I like the dark red one with designs on it or the one with the umbrella laying on the street in Paris.

  3. I like the Chillax planner.

  4. Hannah C says:

    I like the “Believe you can and you’re halfway there” planner.

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