The Best Nightlights from 3DLightFX

The Best Nightlights from 3DLightFX

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Illuminate with Minions!

These nightlights from 3DLightFX are the coolest ever. Since several of my grandkids are afraid of the dark, I thought it would be cool to have one for them. They are really great for small children because they don’t plug in, but instead, are run by 3 AA batteries. I like that they are battery run because it means my grandchildren can’t get electrocuted if they happen to get Bob off the wall.

These Minions Nightlights from 3DLightFX are so cute!

Now, there are all different kinds of nightlights by 3DLightFX. You can get sports balls, superheroes, and many more. All of my grandchildren love Bob. Honestly, he and his minion buddies, Stuart and Kevin, are my fave 3D Light FX lights. I fell in love with the Minions when the first Despicable Me movie came out.  My husband bought me this toy Stuart, and all of the grandkids drag him around, so I knew they would love this nightlight too. My boys also loved this Bob nightlight. They use him to navigate the dark hallway at night. He turns himself off, so they don’t get in trouble for forgetting to turn out the light!

These Minions Nightlights from 3DLightFX are so cute

The light isn’t strong enough to keep a child awake, but it is strong enough that they can see around the room. I know they make my grandkids feel safe. The 30 minute timer is plenty of time for them to get to sleep before it turns itself off.

3DLightFX Nightlights have a 30 minute timer!

We tend to tire the grandkids out pretty good before they go to bed, but they still want a night light. Bob is the cutest nightlight ever!

These Minions Nightlights from 3DLightFX are so cute

You can find these lights at Target, but you can also find them on I use rechargeable batteries in ours, because that way I always have an extra set charged.  You should check them out! You can also follow 3DLightFX on

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