Clint the Cowboy for WIP Wednesday

Clint the Cowboy for WIP Wednesday

Sometimes it seems like I’ve been working on this sweet little guy forever, but I know it’s only been a little over two weeks. Now, when I say I’ve been working on him for two weeks, please do not think that I’ve spent every waking moment on him, every day for the past two weeks. I have been working on several projects in that time, along with normal everyday housework, and whatever goes along with whatever falls under the titles of ‘Mom”, ‘Wife’, and ‘Blogger’. Clint the Cowboy (pattern by Croc’s Betty) actually worked up pretty quickly.

Clint the Cowboy. Pattern by Croc's Betty on

You need to know that I did not work this pattern up exactly as written. This pattern works the doll up with clothes attached. I worked Clint up in Caron One Pound ‘Lace’ yarn.  I did crochet underwear on him. The pattern does give you a way to make him with movable arms and legs. I used a button method instead, because I think it holds up longer. Once he was finished and put together, I worked on his outfit. I made him a shirt, jeans, a vest, chaps, boots and a cowboy hat.

Clint the Cowboy and his ensemble

I’m very happy with how he turned out. Now, lets all keep our fingers crossed that he wins a ribbon in the Montgomery County Fair, because he has been entered!

We have a wonderful couple in our church family that are going to have a baby. I worked up Adorable Mister Fox (pattern by Sharon Ojala) for their nursery, which is decorated in a ‘Woodlands’ theme.  She loved him, and I’ll be working on a black bear for that nursery soon as well!

Adorable Mister Fox (Pattern by Sharon Ojala)

Lets not forget this little guy that I almost completely finished this week. The Unnamed Monster (pattern by Sharon Ojala) is a wonderful little treat. He reminds me of Carol (Moishe) from Where The Wild Things Are. This is one of my favorite projects so far. He’ll be another entry in the fair this weekend!

Doesn't he remind you of a 'Wild Thing'?!

Ok, that’s enough for this week. I’ll have more next week I promise. I’ve got requests for a Dr. Who (#10), and a Black Bear!

Ok, once again… I’d like to know what you’d like to see me crochet! I’ll find a pattern and work it up. So tell me your requests in the comments below!


  1. How cute are they! I’d love to make them for my kids.

  2. Erin N says:

    Wow you are so talented! Thank you for sharing your creations 🙂

    • Thank you! I love sharing them. Clint the Cowboy won a ribbon at the Montgomery County fair. It was the first time I entered, and the first ribbon I ever won. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to make for the fair this year!

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