CTLTC – Leadership Training for Christ

I’ve been absent a little because this year, I went with our youth from our church to the Central Texas Leadership Training for Christ convention (Central Texas Leadership Training for Christ). Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) is a program that helps youth in the church learn the skills needed to be leaders in the church. It’s a wonderful program that both of my boys have been active in. Once a year, there is a convention where the participants meet to be judged on their growth.

Central Texas Leadership Training For Christ

This year the convention theme was “Make Him Known”. Our youth participated in song leading, Bible reading, drama, puppets, and Christian Art. They won a lot of ‘Gold’ and several ‘Silver’. I’m so proud of all these kids. Our youngest was a 3rd grader, who participated in Women’s Song Leading. She won a gold, and was so adorable! She is tiny, so she brought her own step-stool so she could be seen over the podium. They called her name and you saw her walk up, but then she disappeared behind the podium. You could hear a few scuffling noises (as she unfolded her stool) and then she appeared with the most beautiful smile! She stated her name clearly and loudly so she could be heard in the back of the room. She stated the hymn she would be leading, and started. She did an amazing job!

Our drama skit was a huge hit, as was our puppet show! They both won Gold! My son was in the puppet show, and he also won a gold for Bible Scripture reading. Since he often reads scripture from the sermon in front of the church on Sundays, I knew he would do a fabulous job.

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