Dr. Who Number 10 – Wednesday WIP

Dr. Who Number 10 – Wednesday WIP

Dr. Who – A British Time Traveler

I remember watching Dr. Who a time or two when I was younger, but I never got ‘hooked’ since I was much more into books and being outside at that time. I didn’t really become a geek until the original Star Trek grabbed my attention. So, when I had a customer ask for two Dr. Who’s, I knew enough to ask her, “which one?”. (When the original Dr. Who actor left the show the writers came up with the idea of regeneration into a new incarnation to explain the good Dr.’s new look. It helped justify the changes through 12 actors.) She chose Dr. Who number 10.

Dr. Who number 10

If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Who, it’s a British television show about a guy who travels through time saving the world. His “time travel machine” is a Tardis. Ok, a little explanation. Back when the show first started (1963) the Tardis was a prominent sight on the streets of Britain. It was much the same as a phone booth here in the US, but it was strictly to get in touch with the police. This box was a blue color, and about the size of a U.S. phone booth.

Dr. Who number 10 WIP - on my hook

Dr. Who Number 10 Pattern

I knew that Allison Hoffman (CraftyIsCool.com) had reliable patterns for ALL  TWELVE of the Dr. Who’s, so I told my customer (and friend) to check out Allison’s Etsy Shop and choose which Dr. Who she wanted. She promptly requested two Dr. Who number 10, explaining to me that he was the funniest.

Dr. Who number 10 almost finished!

Allison’s patterns are always well written, and well tested; I’ve never found an error yet. She also has a pattern for almost any character you would want. Her patterns are very detailed. This Dr. Who pattern has a suit jacket and a trench coat, both removable. This Dr. Who also wore a tie instead of a scarf. I’m enjoying working this pattern, but I’ll be ready for something new when I finish them later this week!

Help me choose something new to work up! Tell me what you’d like to see. 

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