Feel The OO That Only OOFOS Flip-Flops Can Give!

Feel The OO That Only OOFOS Flip-Flops Can Give!

The Only Flip-Flops That Matter

I’ve been telling everyone about OOFOS since I first found them back in 2012. They really are THAT wonderful. I haven’t found another pair of flip-flops that feel this good, or last this long. I’m super hard on shoes, and I really hate wearing them. It gets so hot here, I just don’t want anything on my feet. Hubby wears boots everywhere (except the beach), and I just don’t know how. I wear my OOFOS (and ‘Feel The OO’ everywhere.

My old and new OOFOS flip-flops! Feel the OO!

OOFOS are made as all one piece. I am certain this is why I don’t tear them up like other flip-flops. You know how that middle piece between the toes always ends up pulling out? The one-piece design of OOFOS keeps that from ever happening. Also, it’s comfortable! I used to get terrible blisters when I’d get a new pair of flops; always between my toes because of that post. I’ve never gotten a blister from my OOFOS – no matter how much I walk in them.

Walking in OOFOS flip-flops is like walking on a cloud! Feel the OO!

OOFOS also absorb the shock better than other foam shoes. Because of that, OOFOS also reduces the stress on feet, knees, and back. This is why they say, “Feel the OO”! I can tell you that since I injured my back, I hurt less if I wear my OOFOS when I’ll be doing a lot of walking. Oh! They also come in a huge assortment of styles and colors!

Even Men Can Feel the OO!

When I first started reviewing OOFOS they only had the original thong style, and ‘slides’. Now they also have the clog style. There are so many colors available, you could have a pair for every outfit in your closet. Let’s not forget the men either! If your man wears sandals of any kind, you can be sure, they will love OOFOS. My husband hates things between his toes, so he won’t wear flops. He’s borrowed my OOFOS to run out to the barn at night, and he told me that they are the only type flip-flops he wouldn’t mind having! They are that comfy. They do have the OOahh Slide too, which men seem to really like!

My husband and boys love to the OOahh Slide! Not really a flip-flop, but close!

Now, wouldn’t you love to have a pair of these fabulous shoes? You can find them at a retailer near you, order them online, or go enter my giveaway in the Spring Shower’s Giveaway Hop to try to win a pair! First, follow them on social media to make your entries go faster!

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What shoe do you wear in the warm seasons? What are you most comfortable wearing?


  1. I LOVE flip flops!!! If I could wear them all year in Chicago, I would. These sound amazing!

    • Addy, these ARE amazing. I have never found any so comfortable. Since the sciatica hit, I have trouble with a lot of walking. It makes my back hurt! But with these, I can do plenty of walking, with little to no pain!

  2. Vickie says:

    Love this brand..all styles but especially the thong flops.
    My bestie has them..and she loves them..I’m jealous..hoping she will become jealous of me..haha..if I win!
    Living in Florida..south Florida..it’s hot..and our go to shoe.
    Love these because they have therapeutic value, comfort and suppose.
    And, stylish too for all our outdoor fun, activities.
    I hope I’m posting in the right spot for bonus..as the link widget for me was broke?
    And, could be why so few comments her.
    Wonderful giveaway

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