More From The Houston Auto Show

More From The Houston Auto Show

I just want to thank for the opportunity to work with them at the Houston Auto Show last week. It’s an amazing way to shop for a new vehicle without the pressure of a salesman breathing down your neck. You can crawl through the different selections and find exactly what you want, before you ever even go to a dealership! So, even though it’s over now, I thought I’d show you a little more Houston Auto Show choices!

The Toyota RAV4

I did a Ride & Drive with a few friends, which is how the Toyota RAV4 XLE Hybrid won my heart. When the driver turned the RAV4 on, we couldn’t even hear it! She turned the car off, and turned it back on because we didn’t think it was running, but it was. I couldn’t believe how much storage room there was in the back. Most of the ‘green’ cars don’t have much storage, but this RAV4 makes that a myth. Just look at all the room…

Found this HUGE trunk on the Toyota RAV4 while vehicle shopping

This sweet ride has a high-tech interior with a Smart Key System, Entune Premium Audio with Integrated Navigation and App Suite, and a frameless, HomeLink capable rearview mirror. I love the remote keyless entry system too. It means I won’t have to worry about empty parking garages, or dark parking lots when I’m alone!!

This Toyota RAV4 topped my vehicle shopping list!


I’ve been doing a few more events lately, and walking to my car in an empty parking garage or lot isn’t my favorite thing to do alone. Keyless entry means I can be in and locked down quickly and easily. The heated seats are an added plus for those few cold mornings every year. We Texans don’t tolerate cold weather so easily! The XLE hybrid also gives you way better gas mileage (34 city/30 highway/32 combined).

Coming in 2018!!

Oh, keep your eyes open for the Toyota C-HE that comes out in 2018. It’s really amazing too! It’s Toyota’s newest crossover. It sits lower to the ground, but gives you all the room of an SUV. I’m keeping my eye on this one!

Honestly, there were so many fabulous vehicles at the Auto Show this year. I hope you got a chance to go and take a look at everything each brand had to offer. Even if you are brand loyal, the Auto Show gives you a chance to check out the newest amenities that your brand has added, as well as the newest vehicles. If you didn’t have a chance to go this year, try to make it a point to visit next year. Every major city hosts the Houston Auto Show! Even if you aren’t in Houston, you can see it in a major city near you.

What are you driving right now? What would you LIKE to be driving?


  1. I’ve always wanted to go to an auto show! It looks fun.

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