LongHorn Steakhouse SteakMaster Series

LongHorn Steakhouse SteakMaster Series

Boldly Seasoned Expertly Grilled Steaks

LongHorn Steakhouse pride themselves on their steaks. I have to say, they do have some of the best steaks I’ve ever eaten. I’m not sure if it’s the perfect cuts of fresh steaks, the seasoning they use or their Grill Master chefs. Whatever the reason, I never turn down a chance to eat at LongHorn Steakhouse. When I was contacted to come watch the SteakMaster Series Grill Off for the Western Region ( which covers 15 states!) I knew I had to check it out.

LongHorn SteakHouse: Home of the SteakMaster Series

LongHorn Steakhouse’s chefs are certified. They train long and hard to be able to make you (and me!) the best steak possible. The Steak Master Series Grill Off all came about last year, to recognize LongHorn’s culinary team members for all their hard work. These chef’s have to pass written tests as well as the ‘Grill Off’ test to rise to the top as the Steak Master! I got to watch the top 3 chef’s in our region compete. The three that competed were Michael Coats (Northglenn, Colorado), Mauricio Salazar (The Woodlands, TX) and Darius Jones (Ft. Smith, Arkansas). This had me a little conflicted. See, I live close to, and shop in The Woodlands, Tx, but I was born in Ft. Smith, Arkansas!

Three top LongHorn Chef's in our region competing for SteakMaster Series Champion

 The chef’s grilled over open flame and on flat grill. No matter the technique, these steaks were amazing!

LongHorn Steakhouse Chef Darius Jones grilled on the flat top in the SteakMaster Series

Chef Michael Coates grilled on the open grill in the SteakMaster Series.

LongHorn Steakhouse SteakMaster Series Menu

They served us ample portions along with sides of fried okra, and that famous LongHorn Mac & Cheese. We were told to go back for seconds, since they grilled so much steak. It was a fabulous lunch.

LongHorn Ribeye, Fried Okra, and Famous LongHorn Mac & Cheese. Can't wait for next year's SteakMaster Series!

Now, I don’t want to sound partial, but I personally think open flame always tastes  better. Michael Coates worked that open flame grill like a pro (lol, because he is!). Mauricio Salazar used both open flame and flat grill. Darius Jones used the flat grill. It may have been the fabulous LongHorn Steakhouse Seasonings, but every one of those steaks was amazing. I could hear the compliments coming from everyone around me.

Winner, Winner! Chicken, Um, STEAK DINNER!

This wasn’t just a ‘friendly competition for competitions sake’ either. These men all had money and a title to win. The winner of this competition was going on to the East Coast to compete for the SteakMaster Series Champion (and $10,000!!). So, who came out on top? See for yourself!

Mauricio Salazar from The Woodlands, TX won Third Place

Mauricio Salazar from The Woodlands, TX won Third Place in the SteakMaster Series.

Darius Jones from Ft. Smith won Second Place

Darius Jones from Ft. Smith won Second Place in the SteakMaster Series.

Michael Coates from Northglenn, Colorado was named SteakMaster for the Western region in the SteakMaster series!

Michael Coates from Northglenn, Colorado was named SteakMaster for the Southwest region!

This guy had to do a lot of studying to win this competition, both book and grill. Congrats Michael on your title and I hope you go on to win the LongHorn SteakMaster Series overall!

Grilling for the Win in the SteakMaster Series!

It might not be cooked by Michael Coates, but you can get a fabulous steak dinner at your local LongHorn Steakhouse, that is expertly grilled by the in-house Certified LongHorn Grill Master. They also have really yummy chicken, fresh Atlantic salmon (marinated in their homemade brown sugar bourbon sauce – wait! I’m drooling!), and fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs. Entrees come with a sald, hone-wheat bread, and really delicious sides (like that fried okra and the Steakhouse Mac & Cheese). The lunch combos ($7, $8, or $9!) are the best deal ever. Rather make your own steak at home? Try this!

LongHorn Steakhouse Seasonings

These LongHorn Steakhouse Seasonings can make you a SteakMaster Series winner too - at home!

Pick up a few of the LongHorn Steakhouse’s AMAZING seasonings for when you decide to grill at home. The Charbroil Seasoning is a mixture of seasonings that burst open and infuse the meat with a ridiculous amount of flavor. The Prairie Dust seasoning is for things like chicken, hamburgers, or fish, and veggies! We’ve used them both since I took this picture, and we love them. I’ll be having to pick up more soon. Hubby has wanted to grill out more since we started using them, and that’s ok with me!

The LongHorn Steakhouse SteakMaster Series will be an annual event. Start watching for the announcement around this time next year. Maybe, I’ll see you there too!



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