MANDISA: Out of the Dark CD

MANDISA: Out of the Dark CD

The New Mandisa CD - "Out of the Dark"

She’s Not Finished!

Oh how I love the message Mandisa just keeps giving! Her first big hit, Overcomer, (which I told you about HERE!) told us all that we could be victorious with God. Unfortunately, the devil sometimes creeps in, disaster strikes, and we lose our grip on the One saving grace we have always available. That’s where Mandisa’s newly released CD, Out of the Dark, comes in! The song Overcomer was written for her best friend who was battling breast cancer. Mandisa believed God could and would heal her friend.When the cancer became terminal, it left Mandisa asking why. For three years she let depression imprison her, until God used the love of her friends to show her that He was still there. Here she talks about it on the Today Show –

Mandisa "Out Of The Dark" CD

Now she’s back with this new CD, Out of the Dark, and it is spectacular! The whole CD is about how God lifted her out of the darkness where she had fled. Every song talks about how God is always there for us. I love that on the insert you can find the lyrics to every song, and just under the title, a verse to ground each song.

“Out of the Dark” Giveaway

Do I have a favorite on this CD? OH YES! Ever since I heard “Unfinished” play on KSBJ (89.3 – a local Christian music station), I have loved it.

” He started something good/ And I’m gonna believe it/ He started something good/ And He’s gonna complete it/ So I’ll celebrate the truth/ His work in me ain’t through/ I’m just unfinished”

This whole CD is a modern time parallel of the story of the prodigal son. I love the message, that God never leaves us, but sometimes, we leave Him. He’s always there, waiting for us to come back. He will always love us and accept us back. We can never live up to the perfect grace He gives us; all He wants is for us to Believe in Him. Mandisa’s story  is an inspiration for us all.

This CD is released TODAY! It’s a ‘must have’ for those times when you feel lost, and you can enter to win it here! Just enter on the form below for your chance to win this wonderful inspirational CD!


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  1. John Haible says:

    How Great Thou Art is my favorite Hymn. It has always been my favorite, but had new meaning to me when I was able to sing it sitting Church, after more than five years post stroke and only being able to speak it in monotone… then it was one of the Hymns for the Service one day and it brought me to tears when I heard myself singing it for the first time in years!

  2. Natalie says:

    I love “How He Loves” by David Crowder because the lyrics make me cry every time I hear it.

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