Essential Oils – Why I Sell and Use Them

Essential Oils – Why I Sell and Use Them

Why Young Living?

So I am constantly asked why I choose Young Living as opposed to other essential oil brands. This was a fairly easy choice for me. Of the larger essential oil companies, I figured, since Young Living came first, and was the original foundation company, it would be the one I went with. No big revelation or anything, they just seemed to be the best founded company, in my opinion. I have not been disappointed.

Just a few of my favorite Young Living essential oils

Because of the ‘Seed to Seal process’ Young Living produces the most authentic essential oils in the world.  The Seed to Seal process is a set of very rigorous quality control steps to make sure everyone gets the purest essential oils made from the most sustainably sourced materials. You can read more about the Seed to Seal process HERE.

My case of Young Living Essential Oils is almost full!

My husband and I have started trying to ‘clean up’ our lives by getting away from chemicals and additives, in our food, and on the farm. I keep a few canned goods on hand in case of an emergency, but most of our foods are purchased fresh. We grow a few veggies, and what we don’t grow, I get from the many local farmer’s markets and co-ops around us. Essential oils were the next logical step.

Uses for Essential Oils

I’ve been making some of my own beauty treatments, and most of my own house cleaners for a while now. Bath bombs, lotions, body butters have all been whipped up in my kitchen over the last three months. I also make my own dishwasher tablets, laundry scent enhancer/softener, and toilet bombs (OHMYGOODNESS these are amazing!!). I have used Young Living essential oils in every recipe (except the chocolate lotion bars I made).

These bath bombs were made with Young Living Lemongrass essential oils

We do use essential oils in place of some medications. My first aid box is full of Young Living essential oils. We use them for everything from headaches, and indigestion to removing ticks and helping to disinfect and heal scrapes and scratches. Any information I share with you will be for educational purposes only and not intended to replace medical care. I am not a doctor and you should see your medical professional as needed. Make sure you always let them know if you are using essential oils.

Lotion bars are fabulous for winter dry skin!

Now that essential oils have become such a huge part of our lives, I started asking myself why I was keeping Young Living and all these amazing recipes to myself. It just seems so selfish. I want you to be able to reap the amazing benefits that I do from using Young Living essential oils. So in the near future, I will be sharing my recipes for a few of the things I’ve been making. Of course, you can use whatever brand of oils you wish. I will be including my website links to the Young Living oils that I use. The only way I will get anything from those links is if you purchase from me.

Please let me know what recipes you want to see worked up!

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