How To Hold A Successful Party In Your Garage

How To Hold A Successful Party In Your Garage

Have a Great Party in Your Garage

How to Host a Successful Party in Your Garage

If you’re short on space in your home or if you’re worried about making a mess, the garage can be a great place to host a party! Not only will hosting a party in your garage give you a new atmosphere to enjoy, you’ll have lots of extra open space and it will also be much easier to clean up! Here are some tips for hosting a successful party in your garage:

Remove the car and all the junk

Sure, it may seem like a great idea to host a party in your garage, but if you already use all the space for storage, it may not be so easy. If you are planning to host a party in your garage, first thing’s first. You must clear it out – that means removing the car, the sports equipment, the clutter, the tools, and whatever else you have in there. Your guests won’t feel very comfortable at your party if they’re surrounded by all of your things!

Make sure there’s proper lighting

While most garages have an overhead light, this may not be enough to light up your entire party. Make sure your garage is properly lit so your guests aren’t bumping into each other in the dark.

Hang balloons, streamers, and lights from the ceiling

Hanging decorations from the ceiling is a great way to get your garage looking festive for your party. Get creative here with your color scheme and add balloons, streamers, and all the lights you can fit!

Make a great playlist

You can’t have a good party without good music. Make sure you not only have a good playlist, but you also have a device that plays music loud enough for your guests to hear.

Add a dance floor

Once you have your music down pat, think about creating a dance floor for your party. A garage is the perfect place for this. You can either add an actual piece of flooring, or just draw/mark an area that’s designated for dancing. You will add a whole new level of fun to your party once you add a dance floor

Using large folding tables and chairs

Make use of all the space in your garage and add plenty of areas for seating and also an area to display food. Unlike your house, there of course won’t be any tables or countertops already in place, so you’ll need to make sure you have these for your party. Folding tables and chairs are easy and won’t cause you too much hassle. Make sure to cover them in tablecloths that match your color scheme so that everything looks nice. Make sure you’re careful with food, however, and do all of your cooking inside beforehand.

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Finish strong with a surprise in the driveway!

If you want to make sure your party ends with a bang, think of a fun surprise for the end of the night. Keep the surprise in the driveway so that you can open the garage door as guests are leaving to reveal the big grand finale. Whether you have a special guest or a special party favor, nothing will make the night more memorable than a big surprise at the end!

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