Every Mile Mattered – Nicole Nordeman

Every Mile Mattered – Nicole Nordeman

Every Mile Mattered

Every Mile Matters by Nichole Nordeman!

Have you ever just sat down and looked back over your life? There are always regrets, and sad memories. Those miles you’ve lived are what has developed you into who you are now. The new CD Every Mile Mattered by Nicole Nordeman is a lovely reminder that God loves us for we are. With all the regrets, all the tears, mistakes, victories, and goals, this person who we are, is who we have become because of our past. Every mile has mattered.

Each of the songs on this CD helps me remember that God was there to hold me up and help me through every step that I’ve ever taken. It helps me know that He is there to guide me through all the other steps to come.

Other Songs on the CD

You’re Here – A reminder that God is always with us. “You’re here/I will never be alone/ You will always be my home/’Cause You’re here.”

Dear Me – A letter full of regrets of the past, and a reminder that God loves us, no matter what.

No Longer – A song of request for God to help us live a life full of fire for Him.

Lean – A reminder that no matter what we do, we should lean into God to do it.

Hush, Hush – A song of comfort telling us that no matter the mistakes, God is our comfort. “And mercy is My name//Hush, Hush/ Hush now.”

Listen To Your Life – A reminder that sometimes we need to turn off the noise of the world, and listen to the Spirit. “Find your space, all is grace, know your voice”

Beautiful Day – We all have those days when nothing seems to be going right. This song reminds us that we can turn it around  into a beautiful day.

Sound of Surviving – Exactly what the title says, it,s a song about surviving whatever is trying to take you down.

Anywhere We Are – A song about marriage, and how love can pull you through everything.

Slow Down – Parents will love this song, asking for your child to just slow down growing up.

Nichole Nordeman does a beautiful job on the "Every Mile Mattered" CD

Purchase the CD

You can purchase this CD at any of these links –

Official Website – http://nicholenordeman.com

ITunes – http://capcmg.me/emm?IQid_b

Spotify – http://capcmg.me/emm.sp

Amazon – http://capcmg.me/emm.am

Nichole also has a new book coming out – Slow Down. Make sure you visit the website, and follow Nichole for updates!

What is your favorite hymn (besides Amazing Grace!) ?


  1. Regina says:

    I like Blessed Assurance.

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